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Lady Bass Anglers Association (LBAA): Fish Don’t Care

Obstacles, or challenges, whatever you like to call it, can and will show up in many different forms and if you allow it, can cause mayhem when it comes to Bass Fishing.  Your mind is by far the biggest, hardest, and for most anglers the most complicated to control. Although, at the same time it is the greatest tool we have in the boat.  We often let game and smack talk get in and play tricks on our own game plan. Over the last three years fishing in the LBAA full time as a Co-Angler I have seen and faced my share of challenges.  As if the sport of Bass Fishing is not stressful enough, you add things like sponsors, family, and friends who are supporting you and expecting you to perform and be a winner.   It is often hard for me to have a clear mind and a positive attitude, both of which are extremely important to be successful.  As a Co-Angler so many things are out of our control.  I have come up with a list just to remind myself not to sweat the small stuff come tournament time.

LBAA Alisa Johnson lady bass anglers association

Fish Don’t Care

  1. Fish don’t care how far of a run you make after you launch. It’s not required to make a 20 mile run. Fish don’t know the difference, they are just fish. Fish don’t know if you idled out to a hump and you never get on plane, or you launched and stopped at the first point, or maybe just across the lake. 
  2. Fish don’t care if they are caught by a guy or a girl, young or old. Fish have no idea whom is behind the reel.
  3. Fish don’t care if you are a legendary angler or a first time tournament angler. Don’t let anyone, even yourself, underestimate your ability to catch fish.

Continue reading, Fish Don’t Care, written by Alisa Johnson, 2017 & 2018 LBAA Co-Angler of the Year here.

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