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Rogue Preparedness: 22 Best Prepper Items from the Dollar Store

We all love the dollar store. While the dollar store may not have everything we need or want for preparedness, it can supply us with a lot of great options. 

Dollar store dollar store prepper items Rogue Preparedness

While not everything at the dollar store is super high quality, a lot of it does the job just as good as ‘name brand’ items. In fact, I always tend to buy off brand in regular stores anyway as they’re cheaper but work the exact same. 

Here are 22 of the best items from the dollar store that I buy on a regular basis.

  1. First aid supplies – Their first aid is just as good as any other medical supplies. In fact, I’ve found some gems there such as tape and alcohol pads, which I feel would normally be more expensive elsewhere. I have heard that even their medications are just as effective as name brand.
  2. Hygiene – They have a good selection of hygiene products such as soaps, shampoos, hand sanitizer, etc.
  3. Toilet paper – While maybe not the highest quality toilet paper, it’s great for emergencies. The biggest pack I’ve seen is a 4 pack, but that’s not bad for just $1.
  4. Ziploc bags – Lots of great ziploc bags, great for storage!
  5. Garbage bags – Garbage bags aren’t just good for garbage so always good to stock up on these.
  6. Candles – Lots of great candles. I like the unscented kind for emergencies.
  7. Office supplies – Pens, pads, pencils and everything else.
  8. Nonperishable food – Every dollar store will be different when it comes to what types of nonperishable foods they have, but I’ve been able to find vinegar, rice, mac & cheese, noodles, cereals, etc.
  9. Bags – Sometimes they have some nice cosmetic bags that can be used as storage options.
  10. Storage bins – Speaking of storage, they seem to always have some sort of storage bins that are durable and effective for their intended purposes.
  11. Kids toys/games – I like to get toys and games from the dollar store and put them in an emergency box to take out during any sort of emergency or disaster to keep us all entertained.
  12. Jute twine – Their jute twine is actually good quality.

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    Morgan lives in Texas with her husband, daughters and 2 dogs. She spends most of her time getting outdoors with her daughters, prepping for emergencies and disasters and teaching others how to be prepared. She also enjoys archery, hunting, fishing, firearms, hiking, camping, HAM, Jeeps and generally getting out and exploring life through epic adventures!