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The Sisterhood of The Outdoors endorses Bust-A-Duck Guide Service

You know you are doing something right when your customers rebook year after year.  The Sisterhood of The Outdoors has been booking hunts with Bust-A-Duck Guide Service for six straight years.  Why do we keep coming back?  Because we feel right at home with Buster Cooper and his staff of expert guides.  

sisterhood of the outdoors

Bust-A-Duck is officially endorsed by The Sisterhood of The Outdoors.  Buster Cooper has spent a lifetime hunting the flooded fields and rivers of the Cache River area near Augusta, Arkansas.  He has built a full-service lodge with the perfect set up for sleeping accommodations and storing your gear.  The lodge is built facing the west for beautiful evening sunsets around the camp fire ring.  Inside you will find bedrooms with plenty of space for sleeping and well thought out storage hangers and space for your gear.  The back of the lodge is built with a large locker room.  Each guest gets a locker space and place to hang waders.  The back door from the lodge leads out of the locker room into the garage area where your guides will line up in the trucks and UTV’s to take you on your morning hunting adventure.  The lodge has a commercial kitchen and large family style dining area.  Guest are served snacks, drinks, and plated meals with amazing deserts by the Twisted Sisters Catering company.   If you visit Bust-A-Duck you will fall in love with the ladies of Twisted Sisters and we promise you won’t go hungry.  

Buster Cooper and Holly Morgan Bust-A-Duck Guide Service
Holly and Buster in The Doctor’s Blind on the Cache River. (Amy Ray photo)

The guides are like family and spend time at the lodge with each group.  The hunts are well planned, and each guide spends time answering questions and sharing details of the morning plans with the guest.  You will be very prepared for any type of waterfowl hunting set up.  Each day the hunts take place in the morning until noon.  The afternoon time is spent relaxing around the lodge or scouting for ducks with the guides.  The effort the guides put into finding the best location for hunting doesn’t go unnoticed.  Buster and his team work hard to create the true Arkansas waterfowl experience.  With over 15,000 of private land holdings and 22 blinds, they offer some of the best field and timber hunting in the Mississippi Flyway.  

Bust-A-Duck also offers goose hunts, afternoon quail hunts and skeet shooting.  There is plenty to do to have a great time.  

There is a reason we go back time and time again, and it’s because we are treated like family and we always feel like the team works hard to get us on the game. Bust-A-Duck Guide Service is officially endorsed by The Sisterhood of The Outdoors because they create a family like atmosphere and work hard for our guest to experience all that an Arkansas waterfowl hunt can be.  You haven’t been on a good hunt until you’ve been on a B.A.D. hunt.  

For more information about Bust-A-Duck Guide Service visit www.bustaduck.com 

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