Yo-Zuri 3DB Knuckle Bait – Tips for Success from LBAA

This Blog is to help you get the most out of your Yo-Zuri 3DB Knuckle Bait.   Many ladies fishing LBAA bass tournaments, have received a 3DB Knuckle Bait and some have asked for ideas/tips for this new style of bait.  Yo-Zuri has been a generous sponsor for the LBAA tour and in appreciation of their support and to help the lady anglers get the most out of their Knuckle Baits, I decided it was time to write a Blog and share important information for success. ~ Martha Goodfellow, South Carolina Pro Angler

LBAA Martha Goodfellow

3DB Knuckle Bait has qualities of a spinnerbait and of swimbaits.

Fish it right out of the package or add a trailer.  

Trailer ideas:

  • Three to four inch swimbait (comes with a bait keeper)
  • Creature bait

Baits Action:

  • Erratic Swimming Action
  • Flutters as it falls
  • Can stand on the bottom, brought over rocks and then let fall and bump/land on the bottom

Tips for retrieves:

  • “Burn over grass”
  • Roll over rocks or laydowns
  • Hop bait off the bottom and let fall down
  • Let fall to the bottom, it will flutter as it falls
  • Buzz it across the water surface, with fast retrieve
  • Works well thru weeds

Seasonal Notes:

  • Winter – above 47 degrees
    • Fish shallow and fast
  • Prespawn
    • Slow rolled, especially if cloudy or near grass
  • Postspawn
    • Slow roll near bottom, over timber, or stumps
  • Shad Spawn

If bass are chasing shad in the grass, “Burn the Knuckle Bait over grass and outside grass lines,” per Mike Surman, Yo-Zuri Pro Staff.  For October on Lake Okeechobee, Mike likes Gambler Little EZ baits for a trailer.  Plus, since the shad are small, he chooses the ¼ oz 3DB Knuckle Bait. Colors that Mike likes are “Black Blue” and “Pearl Shad.”  http://yo-zuri.com/blog/fall-fishing-on-the-big-o-by-mike-surman/

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