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Lady Bass Anglers Association (LBAA): It Goes Beyond the Fishing

I grew up in a family that loved to fish. My grandparents owned “Brumley’s Fishing Camp.” My parents lived at the camp, next door to my grandparents. I always went fishing with my dad or grandparents. The great outdoors was always a part of life for me.

I didn’t start competing until my kids were grown. As women, we have so many responsibilities such as taking care of the home, raising children, cooking meals for the family, working and running to sporting events and functions. Fishing competitively was something I always wanted to do. For 2010, I joined and paid my fees to enter the Women’s Bassmaster Tour (WBT). To my great disappointment, my money was returned and I learned that the WBT tour had been permanently cancelled.

Penny McCurdy LBAA Lady Bass Anglers Association
Penny McCurdy, Louisiana Pro Angler

A few years later I was excited to hear of the Lady Bass Anglers Association (LBAA). Two former anglers that fished WBT had started a new pro circuit so the women would have a circuit of their own. I started out as a boater because I was more comfortable but quickly learned this would be a challenge for me. Growing up on a shallow lake, deepest part approximately 7 feet, made fishing the pro circuit a challenge when it came to fishing deeper water.

I feel fishing deeper water has been one of my biggest obstacles to overcome. From the very beginning I decided that any new lake I fished I would hire a guide for several reasons, one for safety reasons, to learn how to run the lake, and two to learn how that lake fished and what baits were good on the lake. This always made me more comfortable during tournament week. I would then add this to what I already knew.

I love to learn new techniques but always remember, you have strengths, so use them. If someone has shown you a certain technique and you’re not catching, go back to what you know. Being comfortable and confident during a tournament can make for a better day on the water.

If I am really catching on a certain bait, always have two rods with that bait tied on. I have learned this the hard way. I have had a reel mess up or backlash to the point of not wanting to take the time to correct it.

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