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Practical and Tactical Gun Accessories

As I mentioned in Part 1 of this 2-part series, “Best Personal Gun Accessories and Gear for 2019,” Amazon is one of my favorite places to shop. For Part 2, Tactical Gun Accessories, I looked to several well-known companies, as well as online stores to find practical, tactical gun accessories. 

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Lasers and lights

Let’s start with lasers. Lasers can be used in low light situations, or are especially helpful to anyone who has vision issues and may have difficulty seeing their front sights without the use of special corrective lenses. I’ve also mentioned previously that dry-fire practice with a laser allows you to see how steady your trigger press and follow through are. Crimson Trace now offers its Laserguard green or red laser sights for the Sig P365, Smith & Wesson M&P 380EZ and 22 Compact.  This product would make a great addition to your firearm. The laser sight can be easily installed and features a front activation button. I love that it can be completely turned off, which allows you to train without the laser sight when desired. MSRP: $229-309

laser sight Ruger crimson trace ctc Tactical Gun Accessories

Another worthwhile option from Crimson Trace is its Lightguard. Similar to how the Laserguard is installed, the Lightguard fits securely around the trigger guard of the pistol. It features a 110-lumen, LED white light that offers plenty of illumination. Considering we gather about 80% of our information through sight, our vision has a huge impact on low-light/night accuracy. Having a light attached to your firearm gives you the opportunity to first locate the potential threat, next identify the source, and lastly engage the threat by pulling the trigger. The Lightguard product is currently available for Smith & Wesson Shield, Springfield Armory XD and XD(M) full-size, 1911 full-size and compact, full-size GLOCKs and others, and will soon be available for many more models as listed on their website. MSRP: $89

Fiber Optic Sights Tactical Gun Accessories


My next upgrade will be to switch out my factory sights for TruGlo Tritium night sights. These sights don’t need batteries; they simply transition from regular white dot sights during the day, to glowing green dots when the lights go out, almost like magic! If you prefer the look of fiber optic sights, TruGlo also offers contrasting red front sights and green rear sights, or other combinations of Tritium/Fiber Optics. Many people choose to switch out factory sights to make front sights more visible and easier to see, especially during the day.  MSRP: $70-90

Magazine Grip Extender

Grip extenders

Another tactical upgrade concerns grip extenders. I own several small pistols, including a Ruger LCP and GLOCK 43. Both of these guns serve their purpose, but don’t exactly fit comfortably in my hands. If you have the same experience, consider a magazine grip extender. An extender allows for a little extra real estate on the grip, and can also mean added ammunition capacity. Amazon sells a variety of options here. MSRP: Starts at approx. $10 & up

Glock 33 Round Magazine

Bigger mag

Do you have a double-stack GLOCK? The standard magazine capacity of 15 or 17 rounds is impressive compared to a smaller, single-stack magazine. But, what if you could have more? You can! The GLOCK 33-round magazine isn’t new by any means, but I’d say it’s still a great option for 2019. While it’s not practical to carry this size concealed, it is a lot of fun and eliminates having to reload as often while you’re at the range. MSRP: Approx. $35

While all of these products aren’t absolute necessities for your guns, they do serve various tactical needs and can be very useful. 

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