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Review: The GTM-155 Briefcase

There’s a daring concept at play here that can’t be overstated … and I like it. Before I received the GTM-155, I was taken aback by the willingness of Gun Tote’n’ Mamas (GTM Original) to upscale as classic an icon as the gentleman’s briefcase. Styles have ebbed and flowed, but the basic design of the briefcase has predominantly remained the same. Its rigid structure has served as a guardian of the day’s essentials and the most practical renditions of this piece have always stayed true to form. Form, however is not without strokes of improvement, and GTM white-knuckle gripped opportunity’s knocking hand and placed in its grasp, the GTM-155.

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The Look and The Feel

Like any love’s humble beginnings, appearance matched with attractiveness creates the spark of a great impression. The case is constructed with handsome South American cowhide and is complemented by color-matched zippers and interior lining. The zipper pulls are comprised of brushed nickel, which offer a welcome contrast to the remainder of the case. This particular feature deserves some recognition. In true style, the GTM-155 reins tactical practicality in with businessman chic. All pulls, clasps and swivel points contradict the subdued browns, which marries well with any user’s dress, short of sweats and “you name it” footwear.  

GTM-155 Men's Concealed carry briefcase

The GTM-155’s stoic, yet comfortable, curves sweep all around the case and conform little to the wearer. I appreciate this in a briefcase, because it stands tall all on its own, unlike a messenger bag or a half-comporable CCW briefcase that slumps, sad and lonely on the floor. Additionally, large zippers surround the bag in a “no punches pulled” statement. Many could agree that there is little worse than receiving a bag that you want to depend on that appears as though it’s going to bust, zipper and seam alike, when you least expect it. In a world where quality is sacrificed for convenience, rest easy knowing GTM stitching and materials boast convenience and quality. 

GTM-155 briefcase details Gun Tote’n Mamas


The GTM-155 sports a trendy sling that is reinforced with a rugged steel cable that acts as the central vein. This essential feature limits breakage from nearly any type of brute force application. Whether tragic or malevolent in nature, anything attempting to disarm the case from its slung user is going to have a fight on its hands. 

GTM-155 CCW gun Gun Tote’n Mamas

Compartments consist of a hook-and-pile padded slip for the removeable holster. Being left-handed, I appreciate the universal and ambidextrous positions that can be achieved without sacrificing positive control of the weapon. When the slip is zipped shut, there is minimal, if any profiling that reveals itself. I carry a Smith and Wesson M&P9c which naturally totes a beefier slide; so, limited visibility on my carry isn’t a bonus, it’s a necessity. For professional implementation, there is a laptop sleeve that fits most standard-sized computers. The utility of files and paper are not lost on the 155. In addition to its laptop carrying capability, there also is a dividing pocket for important documents and stationary. In the outermost pocket lies pouches and enough space to keep the wearer moving from one destination to the next with ease and comfort. Phones, cards, tickets, tech and even gloopy food reserves from early rising kiddos can efficiently and effortlessly find a proper home in this on-the-go compartment. 


People’s shapes and sizes vary across nearly all dimensions, but the style of a briefcase has survived at length because it boasts simple and ergonomic function. When I wear the GTM-155, I prefer it slung across my body with the case resting behind me. As I’m not a slender person, this alleviates the briefcase from bouncing against my body as I walk. Whether positioned towards the posterior or hanging to the side, I recommend the following for a hasty draw. Practice with a dry firearm. No ammo should be in the area.:

  1. Pre-planning: get into the habit of positioning the zippers pulls toward the front of the body for ease of access to your CCW.
  2. When worn, the sling’s front clasp point makes for a good grip on the entire case. With the non-firing hand, reach across and down, using the sling itself as a natural guide to the clasp point.
  3. Grip and pull the clasp point up towards the sternum to close the gap from the draw point to proper sight alignment. 
  4. With the firing hand, open the CC pocket and secure a grip on the pistol. Draw and release the bag for positive control and sight alignment. 
GTM-155 draw  Gun Tote’n Mamas briefcase

A deliberate draw scenario is preferred, but does not always present itself. If the read on the immediate situation appears to be getting grimmer with passing moments, posture for the worst-case scenario. With the briefcase hanging to the side, unzip the CC pocket with the firing hand and escalate as necessary whether this constitutes resting the firing hand on the case or in the slip, seemingly out of sight and mind. Bear the cross of the guardian angel if the moment safely permits doing so by being ready for anything without playing a good hand too soon.


Technology is an ever-present feature of human mobility. Not too far into the past, paper was the blood of productivity but has since been forcibly alleviated by processors and charging cables. The central slip in the briefcase for laptops and tablets is satisfactory, but would benefit from additional cushioning at the bottom of the case for guided drops. I’ve carried a laptop to work for some time with no issues, but I can surmise that it will be a matter of time before a critical item breaks

GTM-155 briefcase filled up

Upon receipt of the briefcase and immediately upon holstering my CCW in the removeable holster, I was reminded of the obvious fact that this case is not a holster attached to my hip. Smooth draw and positive control are desirable but not always appropriate when combined with the kind of traditional bag the 155 represents. One negligible obstacle is the carrying handle positioning. The firing hand may naturally drift through the handles causing potential snag points. I’ve wrestled with alternate handle positions; however, key positioning of the zippers at the anterior corner of the bag naturally discourages getting caught up in the case. I can assure the reader that the handles are essential for many reasons. Among them, the reinforced leather stands the grips up on end in a “grab me and let’s go” aura that won’t leave the fingers dancing around aimlessly for limp and disappointing handles. 

What You’re Not Getting from the Other Guy

Although the Internet will yield some alternatives in the name of concealed carry briefcases, the options are predictable and bland. Foremost, the majority of the lineup consists of materials that are synthetic, woven and altogether unnatural in the name of classicism. Tactical mongers have their corner of the market, and sometimes in brute force, but the quiet professionals that linger camouflaged among their colleagues are not looking to be taken to the battlefield. The GTM-155 conceals the carry, but also the user through its timeless leather, function and simplicity.

Gun Tote’n Mamas briefcase

Folks, GTM is filling a need and this cannot be understated. Whether this bag is used on-the-fly for remote work, a hasty hygiene kit for grinding layovers, or most likely for business travel and daily commutes, the GTM-155’s combined utilities are a versatile friend. White- and blue-collar professions alike demand reliability and danger will not discriminate between the two. Whether a user carries or not is irrelevant. The 155 is built for the needs of the protector, handsome and sturdy to boot, but it effortlessly is a bastion for all briefcases alike. 

This GTM-155 is available on the GTM website.

MSRP: $190.95

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