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Style Me Tactical: Summer Concealed Carry Tips

Search your closets and dresser drawers. Our featured blog Style Me Tactical shares summer concealed carry tips sure to make your daily wardrobe selections less time consuming. ~MC

When it comes to concealed carry during the summer months we can all agree on one thing…it’s a little bit harder. The weather, along with the clothing options, can present a bit of a challenge. We tend to opt for less clothes, lightweight fabrics, and light colored clothing. It requires a little more outfit planning than the cooler months and, additionally, the summer heat & humidity add in another factor…so much sweat. The sweat struggle is real on those triple digit days. While sweat can’t be avoided (if you’ve figured that out, let me in on your secret) and neither can the heat, there are ways to make dressing for concealed carry a lot more easier during the summer months. Just keep in mind that the peace of mind that comes with carrying a self-defense tool also means that some concessions need to be made.

Summer Concealed Carry Tips Style Me Tactical

Clothing Choices During the Summer

Fabric Weight & Type

One of the first things to consider when it comes to summer carry is the weight and type of fabric of your summer clothing choices. Summer clothing fabrics become thinner and more breathable. All great things to keep us cool but if you plan to carry on body then you will also need to consider if the fabric can support the weight of your firearm and holster. This specifically relates to bottoms…shorts, pants, and skirts. Often times, these summer items don’t have belt loops; instead the waistband is elastic. Even with the use of a Fabriclip or Ulticip (which doesn’t require a belt) there is no way your bottom will adequately be able to support the weight. They will sag, droop, and potentially fall down.

summer concealed carry outfit

When it comes to fabric type look for breathable fabrics that will keep you cool and comfortable such as:

  • Cotton: The natural fiber of cotton allows air to circulate & move freely through the fabric, which makes heat more bearable.
  • Chambray: This is a great option if you don’t totally want to ditch your denim. Since chambray is also cotton, it will keep you cool during the summer. It typically comes in a higher thread count, which means it’s a finer weave & more breathable fabric.
  • Rayon: Rayon is not a natural fiber so it works best in dry heat. It won’t wick away moisture as well as cotton but is a thinner thread than cotton, so it’s great for delicate, lightweight clothing.
  • Linen: Linen is the ultimate coolest of fabrics. The natural fiber and light weave allow for maximum breathability.
  • Blends: Blends which are typically made up of synthetic fabrics are known for detracting moisture, so they’re great in humid climates.

One last thing to consider in the summer is switching up your clothing color palette. As much as I would love to wear black all day long, it’s not that practical in the summer. Dark colors absorb sunlight so opt for light-colored garments.

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