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10 Easy Ways to Celebrate National Shooting Sports Month

Breaking a flying clay target or knocking over a steel plate and then sharing the fun of that experience awaits all who participate in National Shooting Sports Month this August. #LETSGOSHOOTING

National Shooting sports month #LetsGoShooting National Shooting Sports Foundation

The National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®) established this celebration to encourage you to spend time at your local shooting range and share your passion for the shooting sports with others. Millions of Americans have a great interest in learning about recreational shooting, making National Shooting Sports Month the perfect time to bring someone new to the range — and we have 10 great ways to help you join in the celebration. If you think of others, please share them on social media and use the hashtag #LETSGOSHOOTING.

  1. Bring Someone New
    There’s nothing quite like seeing the joy on someone’s face after they’ve taken their first shots. NSSF’s +ONESM Movement encourages experienced shooters to invite a newcomer to the range. Have your friends new to firearms watch this video on range safety and etiquette before they go.
  2. Try Something New
    Are you a handgun shooter only? Then pick up a shotgun and give sporting clays a try. Are you primarily a shotgun shooter? Then hone your handgun skills or sign up for a local International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) match. Learn about different target sports and see instructional videos at LetsGoShooting.org.
  3. Rediscover Shooting
    Haven’t shot in a while? Dust off your shooting gear and head to the range—and bring a friend along. Learn a new game, like action pistol, 3-Gun or skeet shooting.
  4. Find a range or National Shooting Sports Month event near you
    At LetsGoShooting.org, you’ll find all the events ranges and retailers across the country have scheduled to celebrate the shooting sports during August. If none are listed in your area, use the website to locate a range near you to enjoy a fun are, safe day of target shooting.
  5. Make it a Date
    Ask your spouse, partner, boyfriend or girlfriend to go shooting. You’ll have a great time together. Send an email invitation to them at LetsGoShooting.org. (By the way, women are the fastest growing segment in target shooting, and more gear than ever is being designed for their fit and comfort, so don’t hesitate for a moment to ask the favorite woman in your life to join you on the range.)
  6. Cash in on Deals
    Retailers and ranges are offering all kinds of specials during National Shooting Sports Month at some 2,000 events nationwide. Find a participating business near you to take advantage of these offers at LetsGoShooting.org.
  7. Practice Firearm Safety
    Responsible gun owners safely handle their firearms and securely store them when not in use when transporting them in vehicles and at home. August is the perfect time to spread the word to your friends, family and community that the shooting sports are some of the safest recreational activities around, and that they can be enjoyed by everyone.
  8. Celebrate Freedom and Tradition
    In addition to passing on the great tradition of target shooting, you can educate others about the unique American freedoms that make participating possible. See NSSF’s Proud to be a Firearms Owner pocket card.
  9. Share it!
    #LetsGoShooting and #PlusOneMovement are the themes of National Shooting Sports Month. Share the hashtags and your experiences on your favorite social media networks and remind others to give target shooting a try. Stay connected by following LetsGoShooting and #PlusOneMovement on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
  10. Win Great Prizes!
    Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win one of our super Gearbox Giveaways at LetsGoShooting.org. These special prize packages were generously donated by our National Shooting Sports Month sponsors.

About National Shooting Sports Month

Millions of Americans participate in recreational shooting each year, a pastime that can provide a lifetime of enjoyment.  National Shooting Sports Month celebrates the passion we all have for target shooting and is a reminder to share that experience with family and friends. Find out more about National Shooting Sports Month here.

Many events will be hosted by ranges and organizations across the country, and you can search for an event in your area by visiting www.shootingsportsmonth.org/events or, LetsGoShooting.org.

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