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LBAA: Go With What You Know When Competition Fishing

Fishing a tournament as a co-angler often requires a variety of techniques that may not be the same as the boater but that work at the depth and speed we are fishing. Although I do not try to copy my boater, I do pay attention to their presentation. During competition fi, I want to fish my strengths. A competition day is not the time to practice a new technique unless it’s close to my comfort zone. I have tried to work a jig or a swim bait like my boater and that voice in my head is telling me to “Go with what you know” (that voice is my husband). That has been some of the best advice he has given to me over the years — quit trying to fish like them unless it’s something you already know how to do. If the fish didn’t like how they were fishing it, what makes you think that fishing it the same exact way they are is going to make them hit yours?

DeAnna Lovvorn LBAA Bass Fishing
DeAnna Lovvorn, Tennessee Co Angler

I do watch though and during our off season I work on what I have learned. As for this past season, I have been practicing with my Carolina Rig. I know some might say that that is an easy technique so why work on it? For me, it is to build confidence. I suggest practice, practice, practice! I have hardly ever had a boater who used the Carolina Rig until one recent tournament and I watched and learned. We caught several fish and I was determined to work on it during the rest of the year. I now feel confident in adding it to my arsenal of limited resources that I am able to take as a Co-angler.

Go with what you know. If I don’t feel confident andcomfortable with what I am doing, I feel the fish won’t feelcomfortable in eating it.

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