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Modern Huntsman Volume Four: The Women’s Issue

Modern Huntsman Volume Four is focused on women of the outdoors. Led by a cast of female guest editors, this issue celebrates the accomplishments and stories of extraordinary gentlewomen in hunting, fishing, art, ranching and conservation.

Modern Huntsman Volume Four: The Women's Issue

The individuals featured in this book have tremendous influence in forging the future for women in hunting while still honoring traditions that have been passed on for generations. They have overcome gender stereotypes to pursue their passions and professional fields, while challenging some of the preconceived notions of women in hunting.

Modern Huntsman Volume Four: The Women's Issue

While we’ve always had female contributors at Modern Huntsman, we felt that many of their stories deserved a larger spotlight, so we’re dedicating the entirety of this issue to showcasing the tales of these amazing mothers, daughters and friends. With a range of demographics and geographic locations, we’ll touch on spearfishing, sustainable food sourcing, historic women in conservation, the continuance of indigenous traditions, an array of women in the American West, African conservation, first time traditional archery hunts, women-run outdoor organizations, artisans and much more in over 250 pages of stunning photography and masterful storytelling.

Modern Huntsman Volume Four: The Women's Issue

Editor-In-Chief Tyler Sharp has handed the reigns over to Guest Editor-In-Chief Nicole Qualtieri, who has recruited the help of associate editors Jess Johnson, Katie Marchetti, and Lindsey Davis. Volume Four is an ambitious collaboration between over 20 writers, photographers, hunters, non-hunters, artists, scientists, chefs, conservationists, and business owners to paint a contemporary portrait of women who thrive in relationship to their ecosystems in the mountains, on the prairie, in rivers and oceans.
Due for release in late October, Modern Huntsman Volume Four: The Women’s Issue will be available on here and select retailers. Reserve your copy by subscribing to Modern Huntsman, and preorders will be available soon.

Modern Huntsman Volume Four: The Women's Issue
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