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14 Important Things to Know About Safe Wading Techniques

If you’re in the water while fishing, you need to know and practice safe wading techniques. While conditions differ among stream, river, pond, lake, or coastal waters, there’s no substitute for experience and proceeding carefully. Always consider depth, water speed, bottom configuration, and whether it is prudent to wade in or through fast or deep areas at all.

Safe Wading Techniques

14 tips for safe wading techniques

  1. Go slow. Make sure that your foot is firmly planted and stable before taking the next step. Crab-like steps are much better than long strides. Concentrate on what is directly in front of you.
  2. Wearing polarized sunglasses helps make underwater terrain more visible, although the deeper you wade and the murkier the water, the less this helps. In clear water the right polarized sunglasses are a great aid.
  3. One of the first things that anyone with experience will tell you about how to fish in a river with a strong current is to scout an area that you intend to wade across before starting to do so. Often you’ll find a better, usually shallower, route a little distance upstream or downstream.
  4. Do not cast and wade simultaneously. Get into position and then cast. This is one of the top river fishing tips for beginners, who are always eager to keep casting while on the move.
  5. Beware of rocks. Don’t hop or leap from one large rock to another; place your feet between rocks instead of on top of them. Don’t wade in the turbulent water upstream of a large rock, and beware of deep holes below large rocks.
  6. In tailwater rivers, beware of rising water; dam releases can suddenly raise the water level. If that happens, waste no time getting to shore.
  7. Plan each step and move slowly by shuffling each foot along rather than lifting it.
  8. In current, wade with your body and feet sideways to the flow. Even a slight turn in fast water can spin you or knock you over. Wade across at an angle, preferably slightly quartered upstream.

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