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Meet Avery Skipalis, GLOCK Armorer and a Firearms Trainer

We welcome Avery Skipalis to TeamWON. We have been following her interesting Instagram account for a while and we think she’s a great fit for our mission – of informing, influencing and inspiring women in shooting, hunting, fishing and adventure. Since she is a GLOCK armorer and a firearms trainer, she’s a natural fit for our partnership with GLOCK and we’re delighted to introduce you to her at The WON. ~BB

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My firearms journey started out roughly 16 years ago when I enlisted in the United States Air Force. I grew up in the Carolinas, like in the deep country of the Carolinas – with cows and cornfields and I was never exposed to firearms. I was raised to always be a lady and know how to take care of yourself. My parents taught me things like how to cut the grass and change the oil in my car. 

Avery Skipalis Glock 45
Avery Skipalis and her GLOCK 45

At the age of 17, I enlisted in the United States Air Force. During basic training, I had my first in-depth firearms experience. Honestly, I can’t say that it was something that I enjoyed. Not that I was scared, it didn’t bother me, I just went through the motions. I came to a point in my Air Force career where I wanted a challenge. I applied for a new job as a firearms instructor and I had quite a few people telling me that I wouldn’t make it as an instructor. At this time in my life, I was a mother of a 2-year old. When I was thinking about picking a new job, I wanted something that would not only push me out of my comfort zone, but also give me a skill that would be useful. I had very little knowledge of firearms and I wanted to learn more about them and become a better shooter. That’s probably not the love story that you were expecting to hear, is it? What you will soon find out about me, is that’s what makes me so different from any other firearms instructor that you’ve ever met. 

Avery Skipalis GLOCK Armorer Firearms Trainer

I decided to retrain into Combat Arms Training and Maintenance, which is also known as CATM. This is the career field that trains everyone on shooting and maintains firearms in the Air Force. Over the past 10-1/2 years that I’ve been a firearm instructor in the Air Force, I’ve been extremely fortunate to attend numerous civilian firearm courses. I’m currently a certified Glock Advanced Armorer and I’ve been a certified Advanced Armorer with them for 6 years. 

Avery Skipalis
Avery Skipalis

Because of many requests, I decided to branch out and start my own business – training civilians on the skills necessary to protect themselves. I felt that there was a lack of quality firearm instructors that looked like me or had my personality. I’m not one to really complain about much, therefore I decided to open up my own firearms training business and called it . You’re either part of the problem or part of the solution, right?

You see, I know exactly how it feels to be the student that doesn’t know anything and be talked down to. I don’t want anyone else to ever feel that way. This prompted me to start my own business and embark on yet another challenge. 

Avery Skipalis GLOCK Armorer GLOCK Party
LeMack photography & Glock party photobooth

I am extremely excited to be a contributor to Women’s Outdoor News. I will be bringing you reviews on firearms, accessories and firearm tips, as well. As a wife and mother to 2 boys, I know what many women struggle with, and why. I’ll be here to help you on your firearms journey and remind you to smile and enjoy it along the way.

  • About Avery Skipalis

    Avery Skipalis is the owner of Skip’s Tactical Solutions, an organization that focuses on empowering women, men and children to make sure that no one else becomes a victim. She gained her firearms experience from the military where she’s been a military firearms instructor for 10.5 years. She’s also a certified NRA rifle and pistol instructor and Glock Advanced Armorer since 2015. She’s attended Sig Sauer Academy, FNH, Special Operations Command Armorers courses as well as multiple Advanced Shooting Schools across the United States. She resides in Florida with her husband and 2 kids. She’s currently serving in the United States Air Force and loves sharing her passion with others. She thinks it’s important that women also feel like they’re in control of their own safety.