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8 Top Fall Fishing Spots Across the Country

The transition from summer to fall brings cooler weather, and the most scenic months of the year to be out on the water. Now is the time to pay a visit to one of the top fall fishing spots across the country. Take your pick from eight ideal destinations where you can cast out a line while taking in an array of autumn colors.

Fall Fishing Spots autumn


As the autumn leaves peak in color around the 3rd or 4th week of October, Lake of the Ozarks will be one of the best places to fish because largemouth bass will be chasing shad up in the backs of the creeks and coves.


As the water temperatures drop, striped bass are often seen schooling up in a major fall feeding frenzy. Good fishing spots can be found from northern bay to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. Live bunker is one of the best baits to use for striped bass during this time of year.


Not only does the Upper Peninsula of Michigan boast some of the best fall colors in the Midwest, it offers blue ribbon trout waters. The Paint River in the Ottawa National Forest is the one of the autumn fishing hot spots for brown trout and brook trout.


Don’t miss the opportunity to chase a few brown trout on the Green River Tailwater below Flaming Gorge Dam this fall. Afterwards, take a scenic drive through Ashley National Forest with the family to view the colorful foliage. As with any other fishing trip, be sure to check the state regulations and purchase your fishing license before you go.


Use topwater poppers or soft plastic jerkbaits for some fun fall smallmouth action on the Menominee River. You can access boat launch sites at the Menominee River State Recreation Area (use either concrete ramp at Saler Landing off Rattie Road or the gravel Pemene boat landing off of Horseshoe Road).

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