Artificial Bait for Ice Fishing: Vertical Lures that Work

If you’re an open-water caster just getting into the hardwater-fishing game, it should please you to know that using artificial bait for ice fishing is eminently feasible and effective.

What ice fishing artificial bait can you use? Since you can’t actually cast as you would in open water, you must drop lures vertically beneath your position on the ice (btw, you do know a regular freshwater fishing license covers you for ice fishing just as at other times, right?). The answer essentially boils down to three types of jigging lures that can be fished convincingly in a vertical manner.

Metal Jigging Spoons

Metal jigging spoons have little action when swum horizontally through the water. But you can use them in a lift-and-drop-back manner, by shaking them, or by making a subtle rod-tip movement that causes the lure to quiver slightly. These actions can be varied as to depth and frequency, and with varying emphasis, based on the lure and the disposition of the fish.

Jigging spoons used as ice fishing artificial bait vary in size and proportion, depending on depth fished and species sought. There are thick versions and slender ones. Walleye, pike, chain pickerel, and lake trout are especially good targets.

Ice-fishing-rigs Artificial Bait for Ice Fishing: Vertical Lures that Work

Balanced Fish-Profile Jigging Lures

This is a unique sub-category of lures in general, but a particularly prominent artificial bait for ice fishing. Balanced fish-profile jigging lures have body shapes that resemble baitfish, a line tie on the center-top, a single hook on both the nose and the tail, a treble hook under the center belly, and a plastic wedge-like tail fin that helps the lure achieve a circular swimming motion (some folks call them swimming jigs). The most well-known examples are the Rapala Jigging Rap and the Nils Master Jigging Shad. Another version, though heavier and with more of a gliding movement, is the Rapala Flat Jig. These are useful for many species, again depending on lure size.

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