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Gabby Franco: 4 Tips on How to Choose the Right Firearm

Gabby Franco comes with a lot of street cred, including having been an Olympic competitor in the shooting sports, a current firearms trainer, a spokesperson for the 2nd Amendment and a competition shooter. She also is an ambassador for one of our partners, Walther Arms. Gabby penned a book, Troubleshooting: Mastering your Pistol Marksmanship, a few years ago, and we noticed a chapter that will be beneficial to you if you’re either expecting to purchase a new firearm. Gabby’s chapter 4 is titled “Choose the Right Firearm.”

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How to Choose the Right Firearm

Step 1: Determine the purpose

Why do you want a new firearm? Gabby lists several things to ask yourself before a firearm purchase, especially for concealed carry:

  • How will you carry the gun (what type of holster and is it on-body or off-body)?
  • Take into account your body size – Gabby asks if you can wear a full-size semi-auto handgun comfortably.
  • What will you wear to conceal the gun?
  • How accessible will the gun be for drawing?
Walther CCP M2

Step 2: Practice

Gabby is a firm believer in practicing your skills. In this section of the book, she lists several resources for both competition and practical shooting matches. 

Walther CCP M2 on range bench

Step 3: Caliber matters

Gabby states that you must find a caliber that you can control. 

Gabby Franco Walther How to Choose the Right Firearm

Step 4: Hand size matters

Although Gabby assures her readers that they can shoot any gun if they follow her instruction on fundamentals, she advises finding a gun with a grip that will fit your hand. You’ve heard that old adage that a gun is like a pair of shoes. You have to try it before you buy it, and shoot it, too (or in the case of shoes, walk in them first). 

“Having the right firearm for you will increase your shooting results and your accuracy,” writes Gabby. We highly recommend this book for many reasons and it would make a great gift for a new shooter, and even for someone who wants a resource book in order to refresh or to help educate others. 

Gabby Franco How to Choose the Right Firearm

Visit Gabby Franco online to find out more about her book, appearances and helpful resources.

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