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GWG Clothing’s Q&A with Julie Golob

We love Q&As, and especially we people we admire! Check out this great interview, courtesy of Girls with Guns Clothing’s blog, featuring Julie Golob.

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Q&A with Julie Golob

What is your favorite animal to hunt?
It’s such a hard question. It’s like asking what is your favorite gun! I would say that mule deer are my favorite to hunt because I have many great memories hunting them with my husband on “date hunts.” There’s just something so amazing about glassing over a huge area, spotting some mulies and then trying to get as close to them as possible. It takes communication and teamwork and I think its great for our marriage.

What was your last indulgence?
This year is a big one being a world championship year for practical shooting. With that I’ve cut out bread, sugar and all the things I shouldn’t eat. Soft chewy bagels, cheese cake and ice cold beer — those are on the celebration food list after the World Shoot, but I am also not too hard on myself. I’ll have a bite or sip every now and again but for now, this GWG is on a mission!

What is the funniest thing that has happened you in the field/range?
There are those times when I’ve brought the wrong gear to the range or forgot a target on a stage. I find if you can laugh at your mistakes, you can take a negative situation and insert some joy and laughter in it.  That bit of positivity can go along way when you’re trying to learn from your mistakes.

Three words to describe you
Determined. Loyal. Real.

Julie Golob
Julie Golob

When was the last time you sang out loud? What song?
I grew up singing and playing instruments. Music is very powerful and every time I am on the road driving to a match or hitting the range with with the weed wacker, I’m bustin’ out the tunes. This morning my girls and I were belting out “Fight Song.” It’s a good one for young girls and their mom too.

Favorite piece of GWG Gear
What I love about GWG is that so much thought goes into every article, whether it’s fashion or purpose built for the field or gym. As an LEO wife, the back the blue line is very near and dear to me.

back the blue tee
Julie is referring to the line of clothing that includes this lovely “Back the Blue” tee.

Tough Questions

Treestand or Stalk?
Stalk, though I do appreciate the stand as well. I love the physical challenge of stalking an animal but I won’t turn down hours of peace in a stand.


Weapon of Choice?
For my day job it’s all handguns, mostly semi-autos with either the S&W 1911 or the M&P.  I just feel at home with a handgun. That said I haven’t found a gun I didn’t enjoy shooting. I view knives and firearms as tools. You gotta have the right one for the right job.

To find out more about Julie in this most excellent interview, visit Girls with Guns Clothing’s blog.

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