Camo365: Wait to be Wowed! Women Over 50 who Hunt!

In the website Camo365, Maggie interviews 3 women over 50 who hunt. Find out more about this demographic that is quickly growing. ~MC

Women Over 50 who Hunt
Hunting can be enjoyed at any age!

As a “seasoned” female hunter, I do get a lot of second looks from people when they see me dressed in full camo, and quite honestly, I like it! Many of us “boomers” love the sound of gunfire and are becoming noticeably more enthusiastic about hunting and shooting sports than many men. We are living young in a world that, not so very long ago, was dominated by men: hunting and the shooting sports!

What you might want to know about “seasoned” women hunters

1.  Don’t assume that we need help or want to be treated differently than the male hunters when at camp. Some of us are hardcore hunters, and some of us are not. If you see anyone struggling, whether a man or woman, it is appropriate to help. Otherwise, don’t offer help if none is needed.

2.  We still like to be treated like ladies. Sure, when at camp, we will go first to the dinner line. We love and appreciate men who have good manners.

3.  We strive for ethical shots. We are happy to pass on an opportunity to take an animal if we are not confident of a kill shot. I often hear from men hunters: “Why didn’t you take the shot?” Simply, because the idea of maiming an animal is totally unacceptable.

4.  We don’t think of hunting seasons, we think hunting all year round! Women hunters seem to have a hunting passion that doesn’t start and stop with seasons. That’s why you see them enjoying a wide array of hunting opportunities throughout the year, including big and small game, predator hunting in the off season, wingshooting, and sporting clays.

5.  We don’t mind long sits in the stand. As a matter of fact, there is no such thing as a sit that is too long. The kill is not what drives us—it’s the entire experience. We love the excitement and wonderment of what will be coming out of the woods. Having a quiet space just to breathe and take in all the beauty of the woods is our definition of hunting.

6.  Potty mouths—who, us? Men, don’t be afraid to tell stories that might be a little off-color. We don’t want hunters to feel like they can’t be    themselves when we are part of the camp.

7.  We have some pretty good hunting stories, just as the men do. Don’t be surprised if we feel quite at home around the campfire reminiscing about our hunts.

8.  When we take an animal, tasteful photographs are essential. We are careful to clean away any visible blood, and advocate dignified poses.

Women Over 50 who Hunt
Maggie and fellow hunter,  Leslie Ketner quail hunting

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