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Nature Sport Central: How to Start Mountain Biking

It is possible to go mountain biking in any corner of the world. It offers endless adventure and fun that all the family can take part in.

Apart from hiking, it is the best way to reach the highest peaks, and then make you way to the deepest of valleys.

Mountain Biking

When you first learn to mountain bike, it can be a little confusing. You will need a basic understanding of the gear, the techniques, and the trails you can explore.

Before you hop on any old bike. You can find all you need to know here, so you can have the most fun possible.

What is Mountain Biking?

Once you head off the freeway, you can hit rough terrain, rocks, desert and trails that run down the side of a mountain.

Mountain biking is hitting all these areas and many more on specially designed bikes.

Mountain Biking Nature Sport Central

There are plenty of different types of mountain biking, which cover all manner of skill sets. You can go downhill, jumping dirt, hitting terrain parks, or take part in something a little more sedate such as mountain bike orienteering.

All this sounds easy, yet it isn’t only a matter of hitting all these areas on your bike. Riders need to carry all the things they need for bike repairs, a backpack for gear and food, and other essential items.

This sport first began back in the 70s in California where it was classed as a real sport between 1976 and 1979.

Here, there were downhill races that drew as much media attention as it did from the eager public. Everyone wanted to know what this new sport was all about.

From the early eighties, popularity began to spread around different countries around Europe and Australia.

It was around this time, the first commercial bikes became available using lighter materials. Since then, popularity has boomed, and mountain biking can be seen in the Olympics with a cross-country event.

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