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Meet Jill Lockwood from Timney Triggers

Wouldn’t it be awesome to work in an industry you love at a company that has the same values as you? Jill Lockwood has just that at Timney Triggers. Find out more about her in this interview at The WON

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The WON: Tell us a little about yourself. 

Jill Lockwood: My daughter I moved to Arizona about 6 years ago from Northern California after being introduced to my now husband, at SHOT Show. We have a wonderful little home in New River, Arizona, with lots and lots of critters – from livestock to hedgehogs.

Jill Lockwood from Timney Triggers shooting shotgun Arizona

The WON: What shooting experience do you have? 

Jill Lockwood: I grew up shooting, as did my brothers and sisters. I didn’t start really tuning my shooting skills until I joined the handgun league at The Range in 2009-2010. My father is an amazing instructor and teaches the 2-year Firearms Instructor course through Sierra College. Shooting against other teams on a Monday night league made me focus extra hard and sign up for the instructor course. After all the training and teaching a variety of different level skills, I still enjoy educating first time shooters the most.

Jill Lockwood from Timney Triggers with her brother
Jill Lockwood with her brothers

After leaving California and The Range, I was fortunate to have moved to the same area of Arizona that one of my brothers lives in. He owns S.T.A. Training Group and they push you as far as your body and mind can take you with training. I took as many classes as I could while working full time. Those classes have made me a better person. I participated in pistol, carbine, AK fighter and shotgun fighter courses, as well as educational classes like armorers courses and maintenance.

Jill Lockwood from Timney Triggers shooting Arizona

The WON: Share with us your experience at Timney Triggers.

Jill Lockwood: Everyone at Timney Triggers works really hard and wears many different hats. We don’t really have titles. Mainly, I help with technical support, as well as establish and maintain our OEM (original equipment manufacturer) Partnerships, sponsored shooters and events. I also assist our rep group with orders, information and any tools they need to maximize our customer service across the US. 

I had no idea that I wanted to work here until Timney reached out to my husband after a mutual industry friend recommended us for a job opening. After going to see what Timney was all about, I fell in love instantly with the values, structure and ethic of responsibility that it is built upon. My husband and I were both hired in 2018 and have been amazed every day since. 

The WON: What Timney Trigger do you use? 

Jill Lockwood: My favorite Timney product is still the 870 upgrade kit. I’m a sucker for shotguns, for both home defense and recreation. The difference a sear and spring upgrade make is unbelievable. I have a variety of Timneys in my AR platforms. For AR styles, I prefer a heavier trigger for moving and shooting and getting up and down. Three pounds (or more) is perfect for me, so the Impact AR Trigger and AR15 Competition Trigger are amazing for what I need.

 Jill Lockwood from Timney Triggers on range shooting Arizona

 The WON: What do you do in your spare time?

Jill Lockwood: In my spare time I’m usually still working, but it’s all things I enjoy. When I’m not doing gun industry related things, I really enjoy just doing chores and being around my daughter and animals. There’s a lot usually to be done, so it’s never a dull moment. Spending a gorgeous day working outside with the critters is unbeatable.

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