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Cultural Craft: Create Your Own DIY Dreamcatcher

Being born and raised in the Dakotas, I have always been fond of the dreamcatchers.

Dreamcatchers were traditionally used as talismans to protect sleeping people, usually children, from bad dreams and nightmares. It is believed that bad dreams get stuck in the web and are captured so the dreamer does not experience them. Then, good dreams can slide down to the person the dreamcatcher is protecting. The feathers work as ladders for the good dreams to peacefully reach the sleeper. Follow my step-by-step instructions to create your own, unique dream catcher. Sweet Dreams!

Materials Needed for Cultural Craft

Materials Needed for DIY Dreamcatcher:

·       willow tree branch (or any tree branch that is flexible or a metal hoop)

·       twine (yarn or embroidery string)

·       zip ties

·       super weld glue (any super glue)

·       toothpicks (for helping to adhere the glue)

·       pheasant feathers (many other possibilities to use)

·       beads (colors of choice)

How to Make a Dreamcatcher:

  1. Go on a hike in the woods and gather some willow or any pliable branches.
Gathering willow

2. Create a circle out of a willow branch, or anything to your liking. Connect the two ends together with a zip tie.

Create circle out of willow

3. Take your twine (string or yarn) and tie it to the top of the circle (you will cut off any excess at the end). Weave the twine around the circle 5 times in the shape of a pentagon. Tie a knot at each of the 5 weaves for stability.

DIY Dreamcatcher Twine Weave

4. Weave around the center of each of your first 5 parts (no knots needed now).

DIY Dreamcatcher Twine Weave 5 Parts

5. Create the inner portions (that look like a “star”) by weaving in the center of each new part you have created. Then, continue weaving to your liking. You can do this as many times as you like. Cut off the excess twine and tie it together.

DIY Dreamcatcher Twine Weave Star

6. Cut lengths of twine and decorate with beads and feathers. I chose 3 individual strings for my dreamcatcher. Then tie these individual strings at the bottom of the dreamcatcher.

DIY Dreamcatcher Feather

7. Choose feathers to decorate the top of your dreamcatcher to conceal the zip tie.

DIY Dreamcatcher Feather Conceal Ziptie Cultural Craft

8. Make a loop with the extra twine at the top of the dreamcatcher for hanging. I also chose to decorate the extra twine with some beads. Be creative, and have fun!

DIY Dreamcatcher Final Cultural Craft

Now hang the dreamcatcher above your bed for happy dreams.

Great Children’s Books About Dreamcatchers

Dream Catcher Lullabies by Trista Osburn

Grandmother’s Dreamcatcher by Becky Ray McCain and Stacey Schuett

My Dreamcatcher by Shannon Johnson

About Brenda Dronen

Brenda Dronen is a mom, grandmother, educational consultant in reading, a retired elementary teacher of 33 years and a lover of the great outdoors. Watch for her creative crafts bringing the great outdoors inside.

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