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Meet Syren Competitive Trap Shooter Emi Smith from Montana

Introducing Emi (pronounced Amy) Smith. She is a trap shooter in Montana and has been shooting a Syren XLR5 Semi-auto for the past few years and shooting it very well! She has just recently traded in her XLR5 for a Syren L4S semi-auto and a Syren Elos N2 Elevate. This new model has 2 ribs that allow for a 50/50 point of impact and a 65/35 point of impact for trap. Don’t let the sweet smile fool you either, Emi’s a great shot and has already accomplished her 100 straight and she is working on acquiring some more High-Over-All trophies. 

Syren Shotguns for women, the goal of Syren is to provide products that are designed exclusively for Women. No more compromises.

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We thought you’d like to know more about Emi’s background and what her plans are for the future.

Please will you tell our readers what you want them to know about you?

I was born and raised in Havre, Montana. I work for Montana State University at the Northern Ag Research Center in Havre as an administrative associate. I enjoy spending time with my husband, Tyler, and my beautiful black lab, Maya. We enjoy snowmobiling in the winter in our favorite mountains near Seeley Lake, Montana. Besides trap shooting, I enjoy cooking, camping, golfing and going on various trips with my husband.  

Emi Smith on Snowmobile

How did you discover the shooting sports?

Throughout my life, my dad hunted and liked to shoot rifles and pistols. Occasionally, I would go to the range or shoot pop cans with a .22 with him, but never did it consistently. My brother, Matt, convinced my husband and me to come out and give trap shooting a try in 2009. I instantly fell in love with the sport. I never missed a Wednesday or a Sunday that the trap club was open after that. Little by little, I started to advance my shooting skills by shooting with my Tyler and Matt and participating in Havre Trap Club’s Fall and Spring Leagues. Then, I then jumped right into the Amateur Trapshooting Association’s registered shoots. 

I have learned so much from the trap shooters around the state that attend; Montana has some amazing shooters. I enjoyed competing so much I started traveling all around Montana. I wanted to share my passion with others, so I became a 4-H shotgun instructor to help out our area 4-H youth. I feel there are so many opportunities for youth and shooting sports. I really wished I had pursued this passion earlier in life to take advantage of all the years I missed.  

Emi Smith with Maya and pheasants

Can you tell us about your favorite cause or charity?

It’s not really a cause or charity, but 4-H is where I like to donate my time to help the kids get more involved with the shooting sports, so they can have the benefit of finding shooting when they’re young.

Syren Elos_N2_Sporting_profile_right
Syren Elos N2 Elevate

When women ask you why you shoot a Syren, what do you say?

What I like the most about my Syren … it is easy to shoot and it fits and shoots well right out of the box. I love that you don’t have to modify the gun. I have always been a person that just shoots the gun the way it is without modifications. I truly think less is more; Syren has really done a great job with their shotguns with amazing style and craftsmanship.  

Syren Trap Shooter Emi and husband Tyler

What type of feedback are you getting from women who are experiencing this line of shotguns? 

I think the key is to get a Syren shotgun into the ladies’ hands, and let them shoot. They will instantly see and feel the difference. Ladies actually know they aren’t going to get beat up by the recoil of the gun because it fits them better. I also have ladies that like that there is a variety of models to choose – whether it is for trap, sporting or field guns. 

Syren Trap Shooter Emi Smith with belt buckle

Why is it important that a woman have a shotgun that fits her?

I truly believe that if the shotgun fits, you are more comfortable, you are able to relax, shoot better and have fun while shooting. If you are afraid or think that the gun will have recoil, your body and mind tighten up and then no fun is had.

Syren Trap Shooter Emi Smith Harvest Handicap HOA

What’s the best way for a woman to start competing in shotgun tournaments? 

If you are wanting to start competing in tournaments or registered shoot, jump right in. You will love it! From my experience, you will learn quickly how the shoots are conducted. Start off with 1 event for your first few shoots, then you can slowly add events to your schedule. Don’t be afraid, you will soon have a shooting family that will be encouraging, supportive and you will gain some friends you never knew you needed.  

For more information about the line of Syren shotguns for women, visit its beautiful website.

  • About Lynne Green

    Lynne is on to her next adventure after over four years in Maryland with Caesar Guerini and Fabarm as the Brand Manager for Syren (a line of shotguns made for the ladies). She has attended dozens of demos and events and has been honored to get to meet and introduce hundreds of ladies and young girls (and lots of boys and men too) to all 3 brands and to shotgun shooting! Lynne has learned so much about shotguns – gun fit, eye dominance and mechanics – that shows her just how much more there is to learn. She now is doing marketing and branding consulting and also plans to stay active in the outdoor industry, do more hunting and sporting clays, shooting lessons and add some fly fishing to her repertoire. She’ll be based in the Dallas Fort Worth area.