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RV Travel and Weekend Getaways: Tips for Carrying Concealed

I hear it almost daily on the news, people are adjusting their summer travel plans amid ongoing COVID 19 concerns. As big extended vacations are canceled, some people are choosing weekend gateways closer to home, just for a change of scenery. Others opt in for the RV travel life. Yes, RV sales and rentals skyrocketed to the point that some companies can’t even keep them in stock. RVshare reported a 1,000% increase in nationwide bookings since April. Regardless of where your vacation plans take you, please consider these tips on carrying concealed well before you head out the door. 

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Weekend Getaways

On weekend getaways with my girlfriends, it’s import for me to limit the amount of luggage I carry. (Yes, I have that friend who tends to overpack and take up most of the room in the trunk of the car.) Besides a small duffle bag with a few toiletries and clothes, I bring a concealed carry tote. My favorite is the GTM-107, its oversized leather RFID travel tote. 

GTM-107 Travel Tote

Carrying Concealed in a Tote

Traveling by car usually involves a few stops at rest areas or those super clean gas station restrooms. (I’m just kidding, those are some of the most disgusting places I’ve ever been in.) Regardless, when you gotta go, you gotta go! So you may not have the opportunity to choose the safest or cleanest place. Before I leave my car, I make sure to have my firearm, phone, wallet, some tissue (Yes, I’ve done my business only to find there is not a square to spare … anywhere.) and hand sanitizer. It’s just so much easier with a tote that already contains all those items for the entire weekend. There’s no wasted time searching on the floor or in the backseat for at every stop. Having everything in the perfect grab-and-go tote makes life so much easier. Here’s a post that I wrote about how to assess the safety situation in a public restroom.

Inside GTM-107 Carrying Concealed
Inside GTM-107 Travel Tote

Features of the GTM-107 Travel Tote

  • Over 1100 cubic-inches of room
  • 5 extra large interior pockets and a zippered pocket
  • 4 large outside pockets
  • Zippered top closure
  • RFID protection
  • Smoothest, buttery soft leather you ever felt

MSRP: $199.95

Depending on what adventures we plan, there’s plenty of room for a water bottle, snacks, reading glasses, tourniquet, small umbrella, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray and more. Want to know the best part? I can keep it all organized in the pockets so I’m not constantly digging around. 

RV Travel and Weekend Getaways: Tips for Carrying Concealed

RV Travel

Traveling by RV usually involves going farther and perhaps crossing state lines. As you research and plan the areas to visit, make sure you also know the state and local concealed carry laws. USCCA had an interactive reciprocity map, as well as information on traveling to National Parks and Wildlife Refuges

USCCA Website and GTM-107 Carrying Concealed

Travel Planning Tips

  • Know the firearm laws in the states you’re traveling through, as well as their definition of concealed carry.
  • Make sure to bring any paperwork or licenses you may need for concealed carry purposes. 
  • If you’re planning on sightseeing, check their concealed carry policy on their website. Some places you may have to walk through a metal detector or they might inspect backpacks, travel totes and purses upon entering. It’s better to know before you go.
  • Have a plan for storing your firearm if you are not able to bring it to one of your outings.

These are just a few tips to help you plan for that next weekend gateway or RV trip across the country. Wherever you decide to venture, if you’re carrying concealed make sure to do your research and organize a CCW tote bag.

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