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The Complete Guide To Lure Making from Tackle Village

In this post, The Complete Guide To Lure Making from Tackle Village, they give people new to lure making the key facts on why it’s worthwhile and how to learn the techniques required (they aren’t hard) and where to get the supplies to start making their own lures.

Why make your own lures? 

To boil it down there are four main reasons

  • To save money
    Fishing is expensive these days. It’s not uncommon to pay $20 for a lure and doesn’t it hurt when you lose it on a snag? Buying your components or even a DIY lure kit will save you in the long run.
  • To get the exact kind of lure, action and colour that you want
    Many fishermen and women are into DIY lure making because it gives them a lure with the exact qualities they are after. Maybe there’s a specific type of baitfish in their area that commercial lures just don’t imitate properly. The solution – make your own.
  • To help you catch more fish
    Research shows that fish learn from being hooked and develop memory about lures. If you are using the same lure everyone else is, in heavily fished areas that might mean you miss out.
  • Because it is satisfying
    We come from a fly-fishing background, so making your own imitations is second nature to us. There is nothing like the satisfaction you get from landing a fish on a lure that you yourself have created.
Complete Guide To Lure Making from Tackle Village

What kind of lures can you make

Making your own surface lures or poppers

Making surface lures, or poppers, is a great way to start lure making. These are bibless so don’t quite involve the degree of finesse or fine tuning that making a crankbait involves. With some basic tools and some wood, epoxy glue, paint and sealer (and hooks and other hardware) making a surface popper is a relatively straightforward task. For those who prefer a video tutorial, the one below is easy to follow.

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