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Get on Board and Leave Stress in the Wake with TakeMeFishing

It’s time to leave stress in our wake, it’s time to Get on Board. At TakeMeFishing you will find all the fishing & boating resources you need to learn, plan & equip for a day out on the water. Get on board and create your own adventure.

Get Started in Minutes

New to fishing? Here’s how to get started! We have all the information you need to learn, plan, and equip for a day out on the water. Get on board and create your own adventure. Learn more here.

mom and kid on dock fishing #TheWaterIsOpen

Where to Find Fishing Bait Near Me

Summer is here and you are fishing or thinking about fishing. Fish are reaching their maximum metabolism rate and so are eating constantly. Anglers might as well take the role as middleman in the food chain and have some fun.  Find your local fishing bait here.

Get On Board

Find the best places to fish and boat near you. Start planning your own adventure with our Places to Fish and Boat map. Enjoying everything the water has to offer has never been easier! Find places to fish and boat here.

Get on Board with TakeMeFishing #TheWaterIsOpen boating
Share your love of fishing and boating and you’ll make a child this happy.

The Water is Open

Boating and fishing is the remedy we all need, and the water is open to everyone. Read these stories that prove that fishing is for everyone and anyone. Read stories of anglers here.


Get back outside, safely, to experience the restorative power of recreational boating and fishing with your family. Leave stress in your wake! Boating and fishing are safe and fun way to uniquely social distance, relieve stress, and connect with loved ones. Get on board and share your pictures and videos with us using the hashtag #TheWaterIsOpen.

Learn more about spending time on the water with our friends at TakeMeFishing here.

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