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Outdoor Fun for the Family with Easy Pressed Flower Bookmarks

Whether you live in the country, or the suburbs and urban areas, you likely have access to flowers and foliage from a garden or even along the side of the road. This easy craft is a project that you can tackle over several days, and it’s one I enjoyed with my daughters. Not only did we have fun collecting a variety of wild flowers and brainstorming design ideas for our bookmarks, it was a learning experience. It was also a way to help them prepare for the upcoming school year, and instead of me writing about it, here to tell you more and how to make your own pressed flower bookmarks is Anna, my 12 year-old:

Anna Takes It Away!

This simple project can be altered to make pressed flower mosaics, or you can make bookmarks similar to ours! Being creative is fun, especially when working with flowers.

On the day we collected the flowers, we took a walk outside and first found several black-eyed Susans. Then we walked around the field looking for different shaped flowers, petals, and leaves. I found a ferny plant I thought would look good dried, so I snipped several sprigs of it. Rose (my little sister) found some tiny pink flowers that she loved, and she picked a bunch of them. We also picked clover flowers and three-leafed clovers. On our way back to our crafting area, we spotted some pink cone flowers and picked some of them too. Then we went inside to continue the craft.

get outside collect wild flowers for your pressed flower bookmarks
Anna and Rose collecting wild flowers

Rose Joins the Fun

“I think the most fun thing was the choosing of the flowers and designing of the bookmark,” Rose, age 7, describing the experience.

How to Make Easy Pressed Flower Bookmarks

Materials needed:

  • Variety of flowers and leaves
  • Scissors
  • 2-inch packing tape
  • Cardstock (recommended) or paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Several sheets of paper
  • Several large heavy books
  • Large workspace
  • Gluestick
  • Tweezers (optional, but they come in handy when picking the dried petals off the paper)


  1. Pick a variety of flowers and/or leaves that you think would look good pressed. 
garden boots full basket of wild flowers
Garden boots and a full basket of wild flowers
  1. Lay out a sheet of paper and start placing the flowers on it, as close and flat as possible without overlapping to save space. When that sheet is finished, place another sheet on top and repeat. Depending on how many flowers you picked, you may need several sheets of paper. 
petals on paper to dry flowers for pressed flower bookmarks
Wildflower petals placed on paper
  1. Place several heavy books on top of your flowers and paper. We stacked all our paper with flowers sandwiched between them, and added the books on top.
  2. Check your flowers periodically until they are dried and pressed. We let ours sit for several days. There is no rush to finish the craft; move on when you have time!
  3. When your flowers are ready, lay them out in designs to help get a good feel for what you want to do. You can use the whole flower or just the petals. 
laying out design for pressed flower bookmarks craft
Laying out design for pressed wildflower bookmark
  1. There are different ways you can put the bookmarks together. Lay down a strip of packing tape and place your design on the sticky side, then add tape for a top layer. You can also cut a bookmark-sized piece of cardstock, 1-3/4 inches wide. Glue your design onto the piece of cardstock, and place the tape over the top and along the back side to seal it. 
glue petals to paper bookmarks
Gluing petals to paper bookmarks
finished Pressed Flower Bookmarks craft
Finished Easy Pressed Flower Bookmarks

Pro Tips: Easy Pressed Flower Bookmarks

TIP #1: Pick lots of flowers! Keep in mind that certain flowers do not dry flat, such as Queen Anne’s Lace, clover or chicory. The more flowers and greens you pick, the more options you have! Flowers can also change color, so even if you think a flower is ugly when fresh, it may look pretty when it has been dried. 

TIP #2: Use scissors to cut the flowers and a basket to collect them. Try to pick your flowers quickly and hurry back to your workspace because the flowers may start to close and wilt.

TIP #3: When making your bookmarks, if you choose the first method of adding directly to the tape, we found that the flowers stick well to the tape, unless you plan to layer petals. If you layer, the upper petals (those not stuck on the bottom tape) have the potential to stick to the top piece of the tape when it’s added, which can potentially ruin your masterpiece. So, when layering the petals, be sure to take extra care and have some patience when completing the top part of the tape “sandwich.”

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    "Anna" is a teenage girl who loves to write, read, and do just about anything artsy. She enjoys writing about nature crafts and her experiences while learning to hunt and cook wild game. Anna firmly believes that backyard chickens lay the best eggs and that spending time outside with her flock every morning will start the day off happily. She is extremely grateful to her best friend, who inspired her to really take writing seriously. You can find her lost in her latest idea or listening to her sister "Rose" read book quotes.