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8 Ways to Find Good Fishing Spots Near Me this Summer

Fishing can be one of the best ways to social distance outdoors this summer, but it’s important to practice responsible recreation by finding multiple options for good fishing and camping spots.

You might be asking yourself, “Are the fishing and camping spots near me going to be busier?” The answer is that some spots might be busier than usual because more people are spending time outdoors than ever before, but if you use tips like these to locate “good fishing spots near me,” you’ll have more options available for you and your family.

mom and kid on dock fishing
  1. Use the “Places to Fish and Boat” Map. This interactive map can help you scout out new local fishing spots by showing you where to boat and fish in your area, it can make pre-trip research easier by using the map’s satellite view to find structure or depth changes, and help you find nearby boat ramps or camping spots.
  2. Check the most recent fishing reports online, or listen to local fishing reports on outdoor radio or television shows. Fishing charter captains, guides, and avid anglers often provide weekly reports for local fishing lakes or waterways that can include which species are biting, the areas that are most productive, and which lures or baits to use.
  3. If you want to find prime saltwater inshore fishing spots, marine or nautical charts can be good resources. Charts can provide a lot of useful information including structure, depth changes, bottom characteristics, points and cuts. When researching freshwater lakes and rivers, you can usually find a bathymetric map or chart that shows depth changes and contours.
  4. Use the National Park Service as a resource. Many of our national parks offer fishing and camping opportunities. If you are searching for “good fishing spots near me” and “camping spots near me,” don’t forget to consider some of the national parks in your area. Be sure to check on guidance from the CDC and recommendations from state and local public health authorities in consultation with NPS Public Health Service Officers before you make plans to visit though, some national parks and facilities may have temporarily closed or changed hours due to COVID-19.

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