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Children’s Colorful Craft: Coffee Filter Butterflies

As the school year kicks off, we present this week’s craft with an educational flair – quick, easy and colorful Coffee Filter Butterflies. This is a craft that is manageable and enjoyable for kids of all ages – from 2 to 100+! And, included at the end of the post, are a few age-appropriate resources for teaching kids more about the “butterflies” they are creating.

Colorful craft Coffee Filter Butterflies Flat Lay

I followed along with this step-by-step, found on Pinterest. Below is my version of this really simple and fun project. Enjoy!

Coffee Filter Butterflies Materials List

You will need:

Getting Started

Begin by coloring coffee filters, 2 for each butterfly. I colored mine in similar patterns for each insect, but that is not necessary.

adding Color with markers
Coloring the filters

Lay out pieces of wax paper, to protect your worksurface. Mist the coffee filters until each is fully-saturated. I placed the filters on a cookie sheet while spraying, then transferred the paper to prepared wax paper, to dry.

Set on wax paper to dry
Wet coffee filters on wax paper

Allow each coffee filter to fully dry; this took the span between my daughter’s naps (about 2 hours).

Colorful Coffee Filter Butterflies craft Dried Paper
Dried coffee filters

Fold each coffee filter, in an accordion-style. I made each fold about 1/4 inch.

Accordion Fold when dry
Accordion fold

Stack two filters together. Pinch the center, and wrap with pipe cleaner of your choosing. I left about 1/3 of the doubled-over fuzzy stick on the “bottom.”

Colorful Coffee Filter Butterflies Pinch

Twist the pipe cleaner to secure it to the butterfly’s “wings.” Leave straight a portion of the top of the fuzzy sticks – this will become the “antenna.”

Colorful craft Coffee Filter Butterflies Antenna 1
Creating the “body”

Curl around the straight ends of the pipe cleaners to create the butterfly’s antenna. Voila! Butterflies!

Colorful craft Coffee Filter Butterflies Antenna Curled
Finished butterfly

Additional Project Ideas, Using Your Colorful Coffee Filter Butterflies

Using string, I suspended my butterflies over my daughter’s changing table. This was a simple, and cost-effective, way to create a cheerful mobile in her room.

Children’s Resources About Butterflies

Here are a few books we love, that are a great companion to this colorful craft:

Butterflies and Moths – Smithsonian Kids First Discovery Books

National Geographic Readers: Caterpillar to Butterfly

A Butterfly Is Patient: Nature Books for Kids, Children’s Books Ages 3-5, Award Winning Children’s Books

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