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Measuring Your Handgun for the Perfect GTM Purse Fit

GTM Original’s concealed carry purses are more than just handbags with extra pockets for your pistols. A GTM purse is a tool to add to your personal protection toolbox. It’s a lifestyle piece. GTM’s designs and tests their purses and totes with personal protection in mind, especially for concealed carry. That’s why they recommend specific size pistols for every GTM concealed carry purse. The following steps explain how to measure your handgun for the perfect GTM purse and overall fit.  

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Measuring Your Handgun

Things you need:

  • Unloaded handgun (if it is a semi-auto, make sure you insert an empty magazine)
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Paper and pen
  • Computer or smart phone for online purse shopping

Begin by checking and double checking that your pistol is unloaded. Also, confirm there is NO ammunition near you. 

Then, measure your handgun’s length – from the tip of the muzzle to the farthest opposite point. This may be the end of the slide, the back of the beaver tail or if you are using the largest grip size it could even be there.

Measuring length of handgun
Measuring the length of your pistol.

Next, measure your handgun’s height – from the bottom of the grip, to the top of your rear sight or optic.

Measuring handgun
Measure the height of your pistol.

Write those measurements down so you don’t forget them.

GTM computer screen
Find the “gun footprint size” area under each GTM purse on their website.

Now the fun part. Visit GTM Original’s website and choose the purse you like. Scroll down to the “gun footprint size” area. Compare your measurement to what is listed in the site. If your handgun is the same, or less than that given measurement, it will fit in the gun compartment of the purse. If not, you need to choose another purse, which is super easy because there are so many stylish concealed carry handbags offered in so many fashionable colors. 

Gun too large in this GTM concealed carry purse
This handgun DOES NOT fit in this concealed carry purse.

Another piece of information that you may find on GTM’s website, within the description, is a listing of the pistols used for testing each purse. This information also gives you a better idea if your handgun will fit properly in the handbag you might buy. 

After you receive your concealed carry purse, check it again with your unloaded handgun. Also, arrange the holster at an angle you prefer and confirm the zipper(s) work unobstructed. 

Correct size gun in GTM concealed carry purse
What it looks like when you have your pistol in the proper size GTM concealed carry purse.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about the fit of your handgun in a particular GTM purse, feel free to email them at GTM@guntotenmamas.com. You may also pose a question on GTM’s social media at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Visit GTM to find your concealed carry purse online.  

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