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Fun Fill-In Printable Outdoor Coloring Templates for Kids

This week’s craft provides hours of fun and imagination stirring for your little ones. While browsing Pinterest for craft ideas, I noticed several printable templates available for download. These templates provide a great starting point for various art projects – coloring, painting, decoupage, adding stickers or stamps, etc. I set out to create my own coloring templates, which have an outdoor theme, for our kids that hold a passion for all things mother nature. 

Outdoor Coloring Templates Collage

There are 4 templates to choose from, as a basis for your artwork. They vary in subject matter and degree of difficulty for filling-in (IF you choose to color inside the lines!). A tree trunk with great branches, buck with antlers, morel mushroom and a catfish complete the lineup. 

Outdoor Coloring Templates: Idea Starters

I imagine that 1 of my nephews, who has a special love for mushrooms and mushroom identification, will enjoy coloring the morel. His grandma reports that he refers to morels as “stinky marshmallows,” which while being just 3 years old, is a pretty comical and clever description! His little hands will easily grasp these egg-shaped crayons as he creates his art.

Crayola egg shaped crayons
“Stinky mushrooms” and egg crayons

For my daughter, who is almost 14 months, the tree template is a perfect fit. Here is a quick, no-mess suggestion for “coloring” with a 1 year old:

Materials List

Trim your coloring template so that it easily fits inside of the gallon Ziploc. 

Trimming Outdoor Coloring Template
Trimming the template

Before sliding the paper inside your plastic storage bag, add drops of the washable paint. Then, insert the paper and seal the Ziploc tightly. A good seal is crucial to the success of your project!

Adding Paint
Adding drops of paint

Using the painters’ tape, secure the bag to a highchair, tabletop or (in our case) the floor. The placement will depend on the age of your little one. 

Taped Outdoor Coloring Template
Outdoor coloring template taped to the floor

My little gal is just starting to walk and hates sitting still, so I thought (correctly) that she would enjoy smooshing and then stomping on her artwork. 

Toddler Painting Outdoor Coloring Templates
Little Gal enjoying painting

Depending on the level of smoosh, as well as the thickness of your paint, you may want to print the template on a heavier-weight cardstock. I used regular printer paper for ours, and some of the paper peeled when it was removed from the Ziploc bag. 

Outdoor Coloring Templates: Free Download

Click here to download and print our version of Outdoor Coloring Templates. The PDF is completely free! We hope that when you complete your artwork with your children, you’ll tag us in your social posts using the hashtag #WONphoto

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