HUNT S.A.F.E.: 5 Layout Blind Safety Tips for Goose Hunting

There’s nothing quite like a crisp fall morning goose hunting from a layout blind. Fun as it may be, there are a few safety precautions to be aware of before stepping out on the field. 


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5 layout blind safety tips you’ll want to know for your goose hunting:

Practice Makes Perfect

The first safety precaution should be practiced before you even get to the field. That is, be confident and comfortable with your hunting gear. New firearm? Be sure to shoot it and familiarize yourself with how it works. This will not only help your hunt go smoothly, but also ensure you’re following proper firearm safety rules. If you are new to goose hunting, this may sound silly, but it’s even a good idea to practice popping up in your hunting clothes from your layout blind with your empty firearm. Practicing the way you will be hunting will help you to feel more comfortable in the field.

Protection is Premiere

When you’re thinking about equipment, don’t forget about your ear and eye protection. Many people forget to wear ear protection while they’re hunting because they are afraid they won’t be able to hear the birds. However, there are plenty of ear protection options that allow a hunter to be protected when a shot is fired, but also hear the game she wants to hear. Plus, if hunting is going well, there will be an abundance of shots going off and hulls flying; your ears and eyes definitely need the protection.

Where’s Your Barrel?

Always keep your shotgun pointed in a safe direction. Anytime you are hunting with other people, you should be aware of where your barrel is pointing at all times. The safety should always be on until you are ready to take birds.

Straight Ahead

When you are ready to shoot, always shoot forward. Field hunting from a layout blind means you may have hunting buddies on either side of you. That’s why it is even more important to carefully be sure your gun is always pointed forward to where you would shoot. Crossing over your hunting buddy to shoot a bird is absolutely unsafe; that goose is not worth it. 

Hunt Safe unloading

Empty First

Lastly, when retrieving birds, all hunters should be sure that their firearms are empty and leave the chambers open prior to retrieving any birds.

Goose Blind hunting

With these simple tips, my hope is that you’ll stay safe and have successful time field hunting from a layout blind. Happy goose hunting and remember to HUNT  S.A.F.E.

HUNT  S.A.F.E.: 5 Layout Blind Safety Tips for Goose Hunting
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