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TakeMeFishing.Org: Fall Bluegill Fly Fishing Tips

The bluegill is one of the most popular fish species in the U.S. It is widely distributed and commonly stocked as forage for largemouth bass but it is a respectable sport fish itself. In fact, it probably was the first freshwater fish you or your kids caught. Although they may be overlooked this time of year, fall bluegill fly fishing is fun and relatively easy.

Cerino Bluegill Fishing
Cerino Bluegill Fishing

Some identification confusion with other sunfish can occur. Depending on spawning activity, these fish often are pale, silvery green or even purplish colors. And despite their name, bluegill don’t display blue on their gills or gill covering like say, the green sunfish. If anything, a light blue appears along the lower jaw region, so perhaps a more appropriate name could be the “bluejaw.”

Blue Fishing Tips

Bluegill fishing tips for fall are similar to spring and summer. Start by looking for them in clearer water without current such as lakes and ponds, near cover such as aquatic vegetation. They have relatively tiny mouths so require small lures like used when fly fishing. And when you find one bluegill, you’re probably going to be around a pile of them.

If you are rusty, fly fishing for bluegill is a great way to prepare for fly fishing for other species such as trout. Because they are located in calm water, you don’t have to worry about current or the exact drift of your fly. These fish are hover feeders, so fall bluegill fly fishing polishes reaction times because a quick hookset is needed immediately after detecting a bite that can be a very light tap.

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