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Tents n Trees: 22 Awesome Winter Camping Tips

Winter can be a lot of fun and adds a lot of variety to the times you can go camping. In an effort to make cold-weather camping even easier we’ve consolidated the best winter camping tips. Check out our tips, let us know what you think, and let us know what else you would add.

Winter Camping Tips

22 Awesome Winter Camping Tips

1. Bring Proper Clothing

This is one of the most important winter camping tips when planning a cold-weather trip. You need to make sure you will have warm clothing that is suited for the weather conditions you will have. If you are cold your entire camping trip, you’re going to have a bad time. We find it helpful to bring clothing that will work in temperatures a little colder than expected.


2. Bring Extra Blankets

We always bring at least a few extra blankets. There are many times that an extra blanket will come in handy but we most often use them for a little extra warmth while sleeping. We have sleeping bags that are good in cold weather but adding an extra blanket inside your bag is a nice way to ensure you stay nice and toasty.

hand warmers

3. Use Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are a great way to keep you warm while outside the tent. Your hands are often the first things that get cold and are often hard to warm back up. Having a couple of hand warmers in your pockets is a great way to keep your hands feeling warm.

tent heater

4. Use a Heater in Your Tent

Having a heater inside your tent is a great way to keep warm while camping in cold weather. If you are camping in a campground that provides electrical outlets then this will be very easy to accomplish. Simply grab a space heater like this one and bring an extension cord. You can then run this heater all night and it will keep your tent at a more reasonable temperature.

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