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Your 2A Home: Holiday Visitors and Overnight Guests

The holidays are quickly approaching, which often means visitors and overnight guests. For those of us with firearms in our homes, welcoming guests and helping them feel comfortable involves preparing our 2A home. 

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Your 2A Home

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When overnight guests are staying at your 2A home, there are a few things to consider before their arrival:

  • Do your guests have children?
  • What is your guests’ experience with firearms?
  • Do your guests travel with their own firearms ?

Visitors with Children

Regardless of whether they are staying overnight, or just popping in for a visit, take special consideration for these guests. When my boys were toddlers, I appreciated family and friends who took the time to remove dangerous items from their reach. As a home owner, this means getting physically down on your hands and knees, to a toddler’s level, and wandering around your home. 

2A home with Springfield XDM-E
Get down to a toddler’s level to see what’s within reach in your 2A home.
Ask yourself these questions:
  • Where do I set my handgun or knife when I return home?
  • Are there any unsecured, loaded guns in my home?
  • Do I have any kitchen items, stored near the floor, that may have sharp edges? 
  • Are there any objects a child may accidentally break that are valuable to me?

Having visitors with children shouldn’t mean rearranging your entire house. However, it’s important to protect your guests and also, your valuables. 

Welcome your guests into your 2A home
Plan in advance for your overnight guests.

What to Tell Overnight Guests

Depending on how long your overnight guests are staying, you may want to describe your fire escape plan to them. This should include showing them the location of any fire extinguishers, as well as your meeting place. You should also explain your home defense plan. If they are not proficient with firearms or are completely unfamiliar, explain what you want them to do in an emergency. For instance, have them stay in place until you come to get them or move to a specific room. If they have their own firearms, discuss that situation, too. 

Springfield XD-M Elite 3.8
Offer a gun lockbox for your overnight guests.

When visitors arrive at your 2A home with their own firearms, let them know your expectations. Explain how you store your firearms, and where you expect them to keep their guns. Having a small handgun safe in their bedroom is a nice touch. Have them practice opening and closing it a few times. 

Nightstand for guests
Help overnight guests feel safe with a flashlight, gun lockbox and more in their room.

In the Guest Room

Throughout the years, I’ve stayed overnight in many people’s homes. I love some of the special efforts the homeowners made to add both comfort and safety to my visit. The following suggestions are compiled from these visits:

  • Small flashlight — Check the charge on the batteries periodically.
  • Key with a glow stick attached — If your doors have a deadbolt, that locks from the inside, make sure they have a key. By attaching a glow stick to it, your visitor can quickly crack it and find their way out in an emergency. 
  • Laminated index card — Include any emergency phone numbers, your home address, WIFI password and home security code.
  • Goody basket — It’s always a nice gesture when there’s a basket with bottled water, a couple snacks and extra toiletries available.

It’s always nice to have visitors and overnight guests, especially during the holiday season. These suggests may help bring security and comfort to your 2A home. 

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