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FAQ for GTM Original

NORTHBROOK, Ill. — Nov. 9, 2020 — It’s been a long year, especially for manufacturing in America. GTM Original has been riding the roller coaster of the pandemic economy since last winter, and finds itself answering these questions on its extremely active social media outlets. Here is a rundown of FAQ for GTM, and answered by its president, Claudia Chisholm.

Are you still in production?

Constantly! With 3 shipments coming in through November and more shipments arriving in December, we will be well stocked again to meet the unprecedented demand now, through the holiday and into 2021. 

GTM distressed leather
GTM Distressed Buffalo Leather

Do you have any new products and when will they launch? 

We introduced late summer the new Distressed Buffalo leather town tote in 3 colors, in addition to the best selling distressed brown. 

New Year’s development already is 2 months ahead of schedule with final samples arriving before Thanksgiving. Historically we always launch at SHOT Show and we expect to do the same with Virtual Shot Show. 

Have there been significant delays?

Our production team has been spot on-time putting in overtime to keep up with historic demand.  Our largest challenge, as with everyone bring goods in from other countries, is the West Coast ports and domestic logistics congestion. Several of our orders are either waiting to be unload from the boats or waiting for train space to open up. We are thinking positive that these delays will soon even out. 

How have you been able to control your supply chain?

We have a 28-year, very close relationship with our leather factory producing GTM products and all our leather goods. I have personally helped train this factory to reach ISO status and be one of the most highly sought-after factories. All of these years have allowed us to meet and work with raw material supplies, in addition to having long term relationships within the factory – starting  with production workers, line managers and QC inspectors. Our onsite factory assistant originally came from the same factory. It is these years of personal interaction, respect and friendships that allow us to have the support we need when the bar has to be raised in these times. This is true with all our factories. 

How do we know when your products will be made available?

We have several avenues. First is our direct dealer communication that our sales team and representatives call on daily. As soon as we know when goods will hit our warehouse, the word is immediately broadcasted for their immediate release. This is also true for all our mail order and drop-ship dealers as well. Consumers will know, too, as we start to improve our website platform, blasts and social media. Also, watch for our upcoming concierge hot line, being set up as we speak. This new service will allow us to provide full B2C and B2B customer service regarding availability of our line, as well as any other questions that may arise surrounding use of the bags. The intent is to help our consumers find product among our family of dealers during these days of shortages – a true win-win for the entire GTM network and ensuring product for women’s self-protection is available when needed. 

About GTM Original

GTM Original, Gun Tote’n Mamas, is an affordable line of leather purses and handbags, inspired and developed by women. Our parent company, Kingport Industries LLC, is a Certified Women Owned Business (WBE, WBENC) since 2004. Every one of our products has been tested by instructors from elite training facilities, including CSI, FBI and Navy SEALS. We also respect feedback from citizens who are consumers and concealed carriers. We want to hear it all – we are not afraid of criticism and highly encourage feedback. It is comments from the field that will continue to make these bags the best for the jobs they are designed to do. Learn more about the fine line of GTM Original concealed leather purses and bags here.

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