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Take Me Fishing: 6 Types of Small Fishing Boats and Their Benefits

Do you enjoy being on the water? Have you ever considered buying a small fishing boat? You’ll want to read this list we found with 6 choices and their benefits. ~MC

Kayaks Small Fishing Boats
Kayaks come in many different sizes.

Fishing and boating are two activities that go hand in hand pretty well. You can certainly enjoy one without the other, but when paired together, the enjoyment level and possibilities can increase exponentially.

If you’re browsing the small fishing boats market and just beginning your research, you’ll want to start by narrowing in on the best one for your specific needs. Here are a few common types and benefits to consider.

  • Kayak – The ultimate entry-level vessel. Kayak fishing can be the most cost-effective option for getting you on the water. Muscle-powered and stealthy, you’ll be able to access many shallow water areas that larger boats cannot with less likelihood of spooking nearby fish.
  • Aluminum jon boat – Rugged, lightweight, and low maintenance, the jon boat is a popular option for many river and lake anglers. They last forever and are most commonly powered by a small, hand-controlled outboard motor.
  • Pontoon – Everyone loves a good pontoon. This is the best option for casual family fishing excursions where comfort is key and cruising is enjoyed as much as casting. Everyone gets a good seat, there’s room for the cooler and the dog, and you can even fire up the portable grill.
  • Bass boat – For those who take fishing seriously. Bass boats are great for freshwater lake fishing and are best-suited for two to three passengers. They feature spacious, flat decks for generous casting space and larger outboards for getting you to your honey hole before those kayakers.
pontoon boat Small Fishing Boats
Pontoons on the water

Continue reading, 6 Types of Small Fishing Boats and Their Benefits, from our friend at TakeMeFishing.org here.

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