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5 Ways Fishing Helps Conserve Freshwater Habitats

Although you may not realize it, you’re playing an important role in protecting our freshwater habitats and aquatic environments every time you go fishing. These freshwater ecosystems include different types of habitat that are required for fish spawning, breeding, feeding, and growth. Conserving these ecosystems is incredibly important because fish wouldn’t be able to survive without them.

5 Ways Fishing Helps Conserve Freshwater Habitats

Check out five specific ways fishing helps to conserve our freshwater habitats.

1 Freshwater fishing license revenues go toward aquatic conservation efforts. Every time you buy or renew your state fishing license, the funds generated from the sale are invested in an endowment to support long-term fishing conservation and our aquatic resources. For example, the state of Florida receives about $12 million annually which supports fresh and saltwater fisheries programs as well as improves boating opportunities. These programs are funded 25% by state funds derived from recreational fishing license fees and 75% by Sport Fish Restoration funds.  

2. Excise taxes on fishing tackle and gear contribute to the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund. When you stock up on fishing tackle and gear, portions of an excise tax go toward the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund mentioned above. This fund contributes to state conservation projects which help to keep our fish populations healthy through fish surveys, stocking efforts, and educational angling initiatives.  

3. Boat registration fees help fund aquatic resource improvements and clean water initiatives. Many anglers enjoy the experience of freshwater fishing from a boat. When you register your boat, the funds generated from boat registration fees help to implement clean water projects that benefit our freshwater habitats and improve the overall fishing experience (such as public boat ramp improvements or additional trailer parking spots).  

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