Easy Ways to be Prepared for a Long Term Power Outage

Power outages can happen for any reason at any time. Did you know that electricity was invented in 1800, but it wasn’t until 1882 that Edison helped to bring electricity to Manhattan. Progress was slow and for 50 years people still lit their homes with candles and gas light. By 1925, only half of all homes in the U.S. had electricity.

In the short time that we’ve had electricity, we’ve become 100% reliant on it.

Power Outage electricity

There’s nothing wrong with using electricity. By all means, use it! In the mean time, understand that your electricity is being powered by a third party source that has no real responsibility to keep your lights on. Yes, when the electricity is out, they make every effort to get it back on because it’s a business and they want to keep your money.

However, nobody is entitled to electricity from a third party source who is selling it to you for a monthly fee.

Use it, but don’t 100% be reliant on it. Only be reliant on independent power sources that you control.

Here are some easy ways to be prepared for a long term power outage:

How much electricity do you really need?

One of the first questions you need ask yourself is, how much electricity do you really need? Most light sources will only be used at night. If you have a freezer or fridge that you’d like to keep running, that would require some alternative energy needs. If you’d like to keep some electronic devices to continue working, you can look into alternative charging options. You may be able to use your car battery for some charging needs as well, of course, don’t drain your battery and make sure you have plenty of gas in your vehicle to let it idle, but it’s an option.

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