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Gear Review: GTM Original’s Sling Backpack GTM-108

As a real estate investor, I buy, renovate, resell or rent properties. In my quests to acquire some of these properties, I often find myself in strange places. I’ve purchased hoarder houses where I could not see the floor or the ceiling and drug houses where desperate people could show up at any time and not be completely sane. I’ve bought extremely distressed properties where the floor underneath gave way to a fall into the abyss, and where squatters have made themselves feel right at home in my property. 

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As a single, female business owner, I often visit these properties alone. I always carry my .380 or 9MM with me, depending on the clothing that I wear that day. On many occasions, I’m also carrying my tools of assessment with me. Unless I’m wearing cargo pants, there’s not enough space to fit everything that I need (measuring tape, lasers, receptacle tester, gloves, phone, etc.) on my body.  

Sling Backpack GTM-108 review old house
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I need to be agile as I navigate through the unknowns of these properties in order to assess damage and be ready for whatever comes my way. That’s why the sling backpack GTM-108 appealed to me.

Sling Backpack GTM-108 

The Sling Backpack GTM-108 gives me the ability to work my craft and stay ready for any signs of danger. The durable construction allows for proper storage of my assessment tools. 

JoAnna Anderson real estate developer
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There are 5 main compartments to this bag. I carry my assessment tools and wallet contents in the larger, central compartment. There are 2 front side compartments where I carry my phone, pen and pad. 

Sling Backpack GTM-108 JoAnna Anderson
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Now for the firepower part … my SR9 fits perfectly in the gun compartment and my extra magazine is easily accessible from the bottom zipper. The Velcro holster is adjustable inside the gun compartment, which makes it easy for either right-hand or left -hand draws, as well as different gun sizes. The padded strap easily adjusts for a comfortable fit. I’m very pleased with my investment in this concealed carry bag. 

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The sling backpack GTM CZY 108 comes in black and distressed buffalo. Specs include the following:

  • Chrome hardware
  • Gun footprint – 7 inches tall and 6.5 inches wide
  • Designed to swing easily from back to front
  • 3 front zipper pockets
  • 1 RFID protected zip pocket
  • 2 inside pockets
  • Made to hold an iPad
  • Slash resistant shoulder strap
  • 11-ply steel wire
  • Bottom clip adjustment
  • 44.5-inch height
  • Padding to prevent gun imprinting

Price: $149.95

Back view of Sling Backpack GTM-108
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See more about the GTM-108 here.

Available in black or distressed buffalo leather.

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GTM offers a bag-tracking service. If the purse isn’t in stock online, they’ll track it for you and try to find it at one of their authorized retailers.

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