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Nature Sport Central: Best Freshwater Fish to Eat

Many anglers love the taste of freshwater wild fish.

Many anglers love the taste of freshwater wild fish … [which] lack any taste that comes from human rearing and as natural as they can be.

Here you can learn all you need about how to catch the healthiest meal, and which is the tastiest freshwater fish to eat. (Read What Does Snapper Taste Like)

Fishes barely visible in blue water
(Nature Sport Central photo)

Are Freshwater Fish Safe to Eat?

Generally, most freshwater fish will be safe to cook and eat. However, there are some different areas where there needs to be some caution.

For instance, in Maine’s inland waters, it is safe to eat Landlocked Salmon and Brook Trout once per month for small children under the ages of 8. Any other fish should be avoided.

For these two fish (salmon and trout), adults and children over 8, can eat one whole meal per week, and usually the other fish twice per month.

The reason for these limitations being, there are Mercury levels in the waters surrounding these regions.

It isn’t restricted to Maine, and the same can happen to other North America areas, so check anywhere you fish if there are any advisory limitations on edible freshwater fish.

What is the Best Fish to Catch and Eat?

Fish a good option for a delicious and healthy camping meal, so long as you know what species of fresh fish you have caught.

Even though there are so many options, and everyone has their favorite, here are some of the best fish that crop up on everyone’s top list.


Catfish was one of the world’s most popular freshwater fish. They are found in the inland and coastal waters, except the Arctic and Antarctic regions. In many countries, you find Catfish farmed to provide food.

Catfish’s meat is not as white as other freshwater fish, and it has a hint of yellow. Frying Catfish is one of the best ways to enjoy it. Some anglers contend, however, that Catfish has a distinct taste.

It can’t be conveniently broiled, and experts use spices in catfish cooking to complement the intense flavor in the fish’s flesh. (Read Do You Use A Bobber When Catching Catfish?)

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