Rogue Preparedness: 6 Best Places to Purchase Seeds Online

Since we bought land at the beginning of 2020, I’ve been a bit obsessed buying seeds. After some trial and error in my desert climate, I finally learned how to make a garden work here and I’ve been on overdrive buying seeds.

Purchasing seeds
Purchasing seeds

Apparently, this year, 2021, has been the biggest year for seed purchasing. Companies are absolutely slammed with orders. Baker Creek had to shut down for a couple weeks in order to catch up on orders. I ordered seeds from them when they opened back up and it was less than a week later that my seeds shipped.

Seed companies are working tirelessly to get seeds out to people.

I’ve purchased and used seeds from all of the companies listed below. Take a look at my video down below that talks about heirloom seeds.

I do suggest buying heirloom when you can, as saving the seeds will be to your advantage since they should begin to adapt to your region the more you plant from that line.

Here are the top 6 places that I buy seeds from online:

Also known as Baker Creek, they honestly do have some rare and interesting varieties! I’m always finding something new and interesting. I’ve had a high success rate with their seeds germinating.

Urban Farmer has some amazing seeds and varieties at great prices. They also have fruit starters. I’ve had a high success rate with their seeds germinating. Also very quick shipping. They also have a huge library of information for growing.

Their customer service has always been stellar, even during stressful times, they return messages quickly. They even got involved in a giveaway I did for my YouTube channel. I like their abundance of varieties available, as well as their packages. Like they have a ‘homestead’ package or a ‘chicken’ package, where they have a variety of seeds that are good for the homestead or good for chickens. They regularly send along a free seed packet with every purchase.

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