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Rogue Preparedness: How To Start a Medicinal Garden

For the last several years, I’ve been very into herbs and medicinal plants. I’ve been making my own salves, making my own teas and so on. I have found real results when using certain plants for certain medicinal needs.

Not all plants are going to provide instant results nor will they provide the same results for everyone. Every person responds differently to different things. Be cautious when trying something new and don’t go too hard, too fast. You might be allergic, it might simply be ineffective.

Medicinal Garden
Medicinal Garden

Learn the plant, learn which parts are usable for medicinal purposes and most importantly, learn how to properly process the plant for the greatest effect. Every plant will provide something different in terms of medicinal uses, as well as how it’s used; rubbed on the wound, consumed, etc.

How to start your own medicinal garden

Step 1: Decide where you’re going to grow the plants

Many herbs and plants can even be grown indoors. Be sure to read the growing instructions carefully to make sure they have enough water and light. If you can’t offer natural light, artificial grow lights will need to be supplied.

Step 2: Decide which plants you want to grow

Make a list of the types of medicinal garden plants you want to grow based on the amount of space you have available. If you’re exclusively going to be growing indoors, then small potted herbs for everyday eating might be best. If you’re planning to grow outdoors, you may have more room for different types of plants. The best way to figure out which plants you want to grow is to ask other people, do an internet search, head to your local nursery or purchase a book on medicinal plants.

Step 3: Buy the seeds

It’s time to purchase your seeds. There are many places to buy seeds. If you can’t find them at a nursery, home improvement stores, try to find them online. I’d recommend buying seeds from a reputable website with plenty of good reviews.

Step 4: Plant the seeds

Follow the instructions on the seed packet for best growing practices. You’ll also want to pay attention to the time of year and your gardening zone. If you’re planting indoors, the zone won’t be such an issue, but do make sure they have good soil, proper water and proper light. If the seed packets don’t have instructions, do a search online to find the best growing method for that particular plant.

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