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The Survival Mom: How to get your Ham Radio License

Are you ready for a possible disruption in the lines of communication you rely on? You may want to consider getting your ham radio license. Find out how from our featured blogger, The Survival Mom. ~ MC

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On December 25, 2020, an RV loaded with explosives detonated in downtown Nashville. In seconds, dozens of buildings were damaged, 8 people were injured, and communication lines in several states were disrupted. Survival Mom readers quickly reported the impact of this outage:

“I am in the Nashville area and could not reach my adult daughters all weekend because they have AT&T. “

“My friend in Clarksville, TN says their calls still aren’t really going through and neither are texts.”

“911 was out in places all over the state, including Knoxville because of this.”

In a world where communication and information can be accessed in an instant, an event like this reminds us just how fragile these systems are.

Ham Radio License

Preppers know that backup systems are vital, but often we overlook this one. In a crisis, how will you get accurate information and how will you stay in touch with loved ones? A simple way to cover that base is with a ham (amateur) radio. Learn how to get your ham radio license and be ready for any disruption in the lines of communication you rely on.

What is Ham radio?

Ham radio, or amateur radio, uses a radio frequency spectrum for non-commercial uses. It allows people to communicate without the internet or cell phones. However, to legally use a ham radio, you must first become licensed by the FCC. Most people study for the test, sometimes take a study course in person or online, and then take the official test. Once the test is passed, you get your own unique call sign.

Like many things, it can be difficult to pin an exact start date on when amateur (ham) radio started but it was in the general vicinity of 1910. By 1912, it was popular enough that Congress approved the Radio Act of 1912 to regulate it. Ham radios were limited to the bandwidth around 200 megahertz.

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