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Top 10 Pet-friendly Ski Resorts

Do you have a fur baby? Thanks to this info from TheSkiGirl, you can find pet-friendly ski resorts and begin booking for next year now. ~ MC

Did you know that more than two million pets and other live animals are carried by airlines in the United States annually? Many of these animals will be traveling to holiday destinations with their owners.

Data shows that the number of pet owners taking their pets on holiday has almost doubled compared to 10 years ago.

Many mountain town hotels and snow resorts respond to the increasing numbers of pet owners traveling with their pets by introducing special measures to welcome these owners and their furry friends.

This article presents the top 10 pet-friendly ski resorts in North America. It starts by looking at the features that make a hotel or ski resort pet-friendly. We also look at how bringing a pet can affect a ski vacation before presenting our list of the top 10 ski resorts you can book into when traveling with your furry family members.


What Makes a Resort or Hotel Pet-friendly?

What exactly does a ski resort that promises to be pet-friendly look like? You certainly don’t want to book into a resort, only to realize that your pet is only half welcome. The travel website, TripSavvy.com, provides an idea of what a genuinely pet-friendly hotel or resort should be like.

Allows a variety of pets: Whether you arrive with cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, or dogs, a truly pet-friendly ski resort should have room for you if it’s not fully booked. However, our research shows that many ski resorts and hotels only allow pet owners to bring dogs.

Reasonable restrictions: No one wants to take a pet to a ski resort that says it is pet-friendly, only to have the animal locked away in an enclosure all day because it is not allowed anywhere in the facility except your room. You can expect light restrictions, such as that you cannot leave the pet alone in a room, you have to place it in a crate when in public areas, or have it on a leash.

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