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CZ-USA Supports AG&AG at their National Training Conference

A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League held its sold-out National Training Conference from April 27 through May 2 at Cameo Shooting and Education Complex near Palisade, Colorado. For the fifth year in a row, CZ-USA sponsored the event that brought together approximately 450 members representing 96 AG&AG chapters from 35 different states. 

Sponsored by CZ-USA


The CZ-USA team included Dave Miller, Ed Prater, Craig McMichael on shotguns and me on pistols. This is the fourth year in a row I’ve attended as a representative of CZ-USA, and as in past years, it did not disappoint.

cameo shooting center
Cameo Shooting and Education Complex

Range Demo Day with CZ-USA

On Thursday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., conference participants and guests saw and tried firearms on display, as well as visited vendors in the retail village. Attendees packed the CZ bay, sometimes lined up 15 deep, for the opportunity to shoot some clays under the watchful eyes of an instructor. In the brand new trailer, we offered numerous shotguns on display to pick up, shoulder and decide which had the best fit. And speaking of fit, trainers stood at the ready to explain shotgun fit and answer any questions. 

CZ Range Day AGAG Conference
The line to shoot CZ’s demo shotguns.

Unlike some demo days, where it’s just an opportunity to shoot up free ammunition, the CZ team really worked hard to make sure everyone walked away having broken at least one clay. Smiles and high-fives occurred again and again. 

CZ-USA’s Training Sessions

Days two, three and four consisted of morning and afternoon training sessions. I ran a pistol range with groups of 14 to 16 ladies in each class. The guys took their groups of five shooters each over to the sporting clays range.

Dave Miller AGAG training
(Mary Ann Prater photo)

Dave Miller, who is the Product Training, Events, & Shotgun Manager at CZ-USA, had this to say after attending the event for the fifth year, “ Out of all the things I do, this is my favorite event to attend. The ladies are eager to learn, excited at each other’s successes and appreciative of the training.” 

Ed Prater CZ-USA
Ed Prater (Mary Ann Prater photo)

Ed Prater, a certified shotgun coach at Clemson University, attended conference for the first time this year. This is what Ed said about the event: 

“The AG&AG Training Conference was a unique experience. Cameo shooting park is like no other place I have been for many reasons. Every kind of shooting event that exists was available to experience and learn. The scenery, with its high sandstone mesas, was incredible. I kept waiting for some of those big rocks to roll down the hill. Thank goodness no earth tremors were felt! The staff and volunteers at Cameo Shooting Park were top notch. Everyone was so friendly and accommodating. 

Candy Petticord enjoying her shotgun lesson from Ed.
Candy Petticord enjoying her shotgun lesson from Ed. (Mary Ann Prater photo)

My students were welcoming and prepared to learn. I never heard anyone say, ‘I can’t do that.’ Whatever I demonstrated and asked them to do went without hesitation. The discussions with the ladies was much appreciated with good questions and comments. I believe everyone had fun and learned a couple of things, including me. It was altogether a shooting adventure.” 

This post, from Stephanie Schafer on Facebook shows how much fun it is when attendees try different shooting disciplines. 

Overheard at A Girl & A Gun National Conference – “Those  3-Gunners!”

I took a clays class with David Miller and it was amazing!! Now I can dust those clays and know the difference between loading like a sporting clays shooter and a 3-gun shooter!

Pictured below was my first reloading attempt and Dave thought it was hilarious!

Those 3-Gunners agag conference with CZ-USA
(Mary Ann Prater photo)

Ranae Knapp shared a video and photo post that created quite a stir. 

“YALL!!!!! Just took a shotgun class, I have shot a shotgun once in my life. I was so scared to take this class cause I was afraid I wouldn’t hit anything. Well I DID!! I hit my very first clay!! And hit quite a few after that!! My last stage I hit 9/10!!! The video of my first hit is below. Yes I cried! But I was so overwhelmed that I actually hit it!! Definitely the highlight of conference SO FAR!!

Ranae Knapp AGAG conference with CZ-USA
Ranae Knapp and Craig McMichael

Thank you to Craig McMichael for the most amazing class! And thanks to the ladies in my group who took pics and cheered for me! One of the ladies saved my first shell and a piece of the clay that I hit!”

Ranae Knapp shell and clay agag conference

Registration for AG&AG’s National Training Conference, Celebrate 2022, opens September 1, 2021. Learn more at AGirlandAGun.org/conference/. I hope to see you there!

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