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Review: Primos Double Bull SurroundView Stakeout Hunting Blind

I have learned, through my hunting experience, that changing up your hunting spot happens quite frequently – depending on aspects such as wind, weather or time of day. It’s always been such a hassle for me because when scouting a new spot, you are looking for enough coverage to be camouflaged, as well as enough visibility to know if anything is coming your way. An entire hunt can be ruined if the animals spot you before you even notice they are there, which can happen when you can’t see around you at all angles. That is what inspired this gear review. The Primos Double Bull SurroundView Stakeout Hunting Blind has alleviated many of the issues I have mentioned above.

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Primos Double Bull SurroundView Stakeout Hunting Blind 

The most important function of this stakeout blind is that it won’t restrict your views. I know that the worst feeling in a ground blind is when you hear something walking up behind you, but you aren’t able to see what is there. It seems like most of the time it’s usually a squirrel that just wants to get you on edge, but without being able to see, you just have to sit perfectly still and wait. With the SurroundView Stakeout Blind, this is no longer an issue. One-way, see-through walls allow hunters to see out – but, the deer, turkey, or even a squirrel that is messing around, can’t see into the blind. With thousands of tiny holes perforating the camo fabric, this blind allows you to see what’s around you while remaining invisible to your quarry. Inside, the blind has a darkened interior, allowing for human eyes to focus on what is beyond the blind. 

Stakeout blind view from inside with person in it

The Primos Double Bull SurroundView Stakeout Hunting Blind has two panels seated at a 90-degree angle with three triangular windows that open and close individually, allowing for multiple shooting lanes. Despite being designed to be extremely portable, yet quiet and easy to set up, the see-through walls are still sturdy enough to stand up in the wind. Another feature of this blind that’s worth mentioning is the Primos-exclusive camouflage pattern – the TRUTH Camo – offers both pattern and shadow for supreme concealment of ground level hunters. 

Stakeout blind view from the front

Overall, this is a great all-around blind. It can be used for hunting with a rifle, shotgun or a bow. It has no limitations on your hunting style or the species you are hunting. It is extremely lightweight at just 4-1/2 pounds and comes in a portable bag small enough for one person to easily carry. The bag also makes this blind easy to store away and keep from getting damaged. As a petite woman, it is perfect for me to handle on my own. Set up and tear down is quiet and simple; the Primos website has a great instructional video showing the process. 

carrying bag

You can’t beat a high-quality stakeout blind. It lends so much flexibility to the way you hunt. If you don’t like your location, it can easily be folded down and moved to a more ideal location. This blind allows you to hunt a large variety of species without having to manage several different blinds. I highly recommend this stakeout blind to hunters looking to affordably upgrade their equipment while giving themselves increased flexibility on what species they can hunt. 

Stakeout blind view from front showing it is truely camo

Purchase the Primos Double Bull SurroundView Stakeout Hunting Blind ($99.99).

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