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Rogue Preparedness: 13 Ways To Use Beeswax

I love beeswax. I think it’s just the bees knees. Yep. I just said that.

I used to use soy wax for all of my candle making, but after I discovered beeswax, I fell in love. Then I discovered the umpteen amount of ways that beeswax can be used, especially for preparedness purposes.

Morgan Beeswax

There’s so much more to beeswax than just making candles.

Instead of storing candles, I store beeswax and lots of it. When I get down to a pound, I get all anxious and need to buy more!

We’re in the process of getting bees soon, but until that happens, I’ll continue to buy beeswax from local suppliers.

Put up an ad on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist saying that you’re looking for beeswax from local beekeepers. If you can’t find any that way, then go to eBay, Etsy or Amazon and source beeswax that way. I prefer the pellets, they’re easier to work with, but the bars work, too.

Here are 13 ways to use beeswax for everyday and preparedness:


I exclusively make my own salve. It works like neosporin, except it’s all natural and extremely easy to make yourself. It also lasts a very long time, as only a little is needed at a time. I also sell my homemade salve in my store.


Of course, make your own candles! I like to make mine in altoids tins.

Wax food wrap

Basically, rub beeswax on cotton squares, place into the oven on a low setting for 10 minutes, flip, put it in for another 10. Now you have a reusable wrap for sandwiches or other snacks. And you can easily clean it (always use cold water).

Bowstring lubricant

Rub some wax on your bowstring to keep it strong and keep it from fraying.


Rub some wax on your shoes, backpack or other gear and you can instantly waterproof it.


I love making my own chapstick, it’s the only chapstick I like using these days. It takes a few simple ingredients and blammo! You not only have 1 chapstick…you have multiple!

Fix’n wax

Fix’n wax is basically wax and oil combined to make a nice lubricant, rub it on leather, zippers, etc. It’s kind of an all-in-one fixer. I put mine in a small altoids tin.

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    Morgan lives in Texas with her husband, daughters and 2 dogs. She spends most of her time getting outdoors with her daughters, prepping for emergencies and disasters and teaching others how to be prepared. She also enjoys archery, hunting, fishing, firearms, hiking, camping, HAM, Jeeps and generally getting out and exploring life through epic adventures!