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Strategies for Keeping Deer, Rabbits, and Other Pests Out of the Garden

I’m so discouraged when I walk out to my vegetable garden only to find a rabbit ate the tops off all my plants. However, with a little online research I found the following article from FIX.com. It contains helpful suggestions for keeping pests out of the garden. ~MC

Strategies for Keeping Pests Out of the Garden

Every gardener has had one or two unwanted garden visitors wreak a little (or a lot) of havoc at some point. It may have been leaf-and-crop-munchers such as deer, rabbits, raccoons, groundhogs (woodchucks), or squirrels. Or perhaps, tunneling pests such as chipmunks, gophers, or voles. Your garden may have seen destruction from digging animals like chipmunks or dogs. Even neighborhood cats think nothing of using it as their personal litter box.

I feel comfortable speaking for my gardener colleagues when I say that most of us are pretty laid back about sharing. A lettuce leaf here; a missing corn ear there doesn’t ruffle our feathers. After all, everybody has a belly to fill, right? In spring or early summer, our senses are filled with the beauty of all wildlife. Deer are graceful and majestic; rabbits gentle and precious.

It’s right about the middle of summer there is a major shift as wildlife’s natural cuisine begins to dry up. Beautiful deer and adorable bunnies show up in your garden with a mate and a menu. Eventually, they invite ten of their closest friends. Now you begin to feel a quiet war coming on and no one needs remind you that you are out-numbered.

Strategies for Keeping Pests Out of the Garden

Animals That Threaten Your Garden

Deer: Deer eat almost everything, especially your favorite plants.

Rabbits: Love to nibble on almost any tender spring shoots, buds, and stems. Vegetables and flowers are equally delicious.

Raccoons: Fruit, berries, melons, corn, and peas are some raccoon favorites.

Chipmunks: Cause damage to flowers, trees, walls, and other foundations while burrowing underground.

Squirrels: Cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, eggplant, berries, and fruit are all fair game for squirrels.

Groundhogs (woodchucks): eat a wide variety of vegetable, fruit, and flower plants. They also gnaw on trees and their burrows cause underground damage.

Gophers: Tunnel around underground, eating root crops, bulbs, and often pulling entire plants underground with them.

Voles: Damage the roots of shrubs, trees, and root crops.

Continue reading, Strategies for Keeping Deer, Rabbits, and Other Pests Out of the Garden from FIX.com here.

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