How to Handle a Traffic Stop While Concealed Carrying

Featured blogger Monica, from Pinot & Pistols, has her finger on the pulse of good practices for firearms’ owners, and this one is a major concern for anyone who carries concealed. How should you handle a traffic stop while you’re concealed carrying? Find out below.


Getting pulled over is never a super fun experience. Add concealed carrying a firearm into the mix and it can lead to feeling rather flustered. But don’t worry, if you are legally concealed carrying you don’t have anything to worry about. Read on for a few tips on how to handle a traffic stop while concealed carrying. As always, this is not legal advice, and I’m simply sharing some things I’ve learned along the way in my concealed carry journey.

What to do if you get pulled over while concealed carrying

1. Know the duty to inform laws in your area

Based on my research, your duty to inform an officer that you have a firearm in your vehicle falls into a couple of different buckets: must inform upon first contact, must inform if asked, or no duty to inform. It’s important to understand what is required by law in your state. Make sure to look up these laws and be prepared to follow them!

2. Determine your personal approach in dealing with law enforcement

This is a big one and can have a major impact on how your encounters with law enforcement go. I prefer to put the officer in a position to where they can most safely and effectively do their job. This involves being transparent and telling the officer up front that I am carrying, even if I don’t have a duty to inform. Keep in mind that the officer will likely know if you have a concealed carry permit once they run your license.

3. Know where your documents are located

Y’all know I like to be prepared! Knowing where your documents (license, registration, insurance, etc.) are located will help your traffic stop go smoothly. There is nothing more frustrating than digging through your car trying to find a card while the officer stands there waiting on you. Keep yourself organized so that you can quickly and easily produce your documents when asked.

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