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Bushnell’s Outdoorsman Bluetooth Speaker for the Outdoorswoman

Most times when I am out-of-doors, I am seeking to commune with nature in all her glory. A purist, some might say. Sights, sounds, smells … I find my zen when I can soak them all in. As such, I’ve never considered the purchase of an outdoor speaker. However, Bushnell released the Outdoorsman Bluetooth Speaker (MSRP $119.99) and I’m here to tell you: it’s now an essential part of our patio set up!

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I know, I know … Bushnell? As in the optics company? YES. The company has begun catering to the fact that our eyes and ears are the most utilized senses in the outdoors. Since the Outdoorsman has taken up residence at our home, I have realized all the places it could be utilized – a tailgate party, a campsite, riverside, in the garden. The options are endless because the unit is not only rain-proof, but also drop-proof up to six feet (on concrete!). Designed on the more rugged end, the speaker also comes with EXO Armor slip-on sleeves to provide even more armor against destruction. The EXO Armor is based on the same technology that Bushnell’s reputable optics utilize.

Outdoorsman BITE magnet


The most attractive feature of the Outdoorsman is the BITE™ rear magnet. I placed the unit on the frame of our outer sliding glass door on the patio. The strength of the magnet has been repeatedly field tested by a toddler and has yet to fall. So, while the speaker is equipped to withstand drops, the magnet failing won’t be the cause of damage. Between the magnet, the included tripod mount and BITE™  straps, the Outdoorsman can be mounted anywhere your adventuring takes you, including on ATVs, kayaks, trees, boats and backpacks. 

Outdoorsman magnetic

Recently, my family and I took a trip to Yellowstone National Park and, of course, the Outdoorsman hitched along. We had very limited cellular service at the campsite and bad weather came through. We took refuge in the tent but had to leave the cell phones in the truck as that was the only place they managed a signal. I connected the speaker to my phone via Bluetooth, and we were able to keep the speaker in the tent with us to relay overnight weather alerts. I was thankful that we had the unit with us; I didn’t expect it to help keep my family safe outdoors! 

Bushnell Outdoorsman

The battery life of the speaker is commendable, lasting up to 10 hours on a single charge. That will outlast most campfire gatherings! Plus, the Outdoorsman boasts an integrated charging port from which to charge your phone. When fully charged (which takes less than 3 hours by Micro USB), the battery can recharge a phone up to three times, another great feature in the event of an emergency. 

Bushnell Outdoorsman truck bed PHOTO CRED Bushnell_com
(Bushnell.com photo)

While it may not be a necessary addition to my outdoor adventure gear box, the Outdoorsman certainly is a functional, rugged asset to have on any trip. Anywhere you go, the speaker can bring your outdoor soundtrack right along with superior sound quality, regardless of the weather.

Learn more about Bushnell’s Outdoorsman here.

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    Jessica Rice is the president of wildHERness, a women's organization located in the Kansas City metro area that encourages women and young girls to explore outdoor pursuits through skill building events and community service. Her love of nature developed at a young age, thanks to parents who encouraged her to explore. An avid hunter and hiker, Jess is passionate about R3 and passing it on to future generations. She holds a Master of Science degree in Zoology from Oklahoma State University and is currently employed by the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism. Jess is an NRA Range Safety Officer, Project Wild Educator, National Archery in the Schools Basic Archery Instructor, Hunter Education instructor and a Fishing's Future Master Angler Instructor.